Interview Terrorhammer (By Carla Morton)

Interview Terrorhammer (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Pentagramator about the Serbian Black/Thrash metal band, Terrorhammer.
11011720_870848822985970_6776054845310347343_n Greetings Pentagramator, how things are going?
Hails! I’ve been away from home for some time, now finally got back and answering the questions for a few interviews, this one being one of them.

Tell a little history when was Terrorhammer formed.
Our roots date back to a time around 2008 when me and my future bandmates agreed upon making a band that would deliver a sinister amount of obscure thrash metal energy. It was a band with different name back then for which I wrote a couple of songs more closer to the style of blackthrash, but for some reasons those tracks got never got recorded. Later in 2010 we decided to simplify our style and bring it more closer to the old style of Bathory, Kreator, Sodom, Sepultura etc; the legendary thrash and proto black metal cults of the 80’s. Our first recording was “Vintage Black Mass” EP released by Heavy Forces Records in 2012 and definitely grounded our arrival on the underground scene!

You have released the debut album this year entitled ”Under The Unholy Command”, tell me about it.
”Under the Unholy Command” is our debut full-lenght album which continues raw and insolent style of necro speed metal we previously presented on “Vintage Black Mass”. Composed of nine brand new tracks this record features some notable guests among our ranks such as Honza “BUTCHER” Kapak (Master’s Hammer, Avenger, ex-Maniac Butcher) as a guest drummer and THERTHONAX (Kawir) with an unique performance in the opening track. Deathrune Records is responsible for putting this album out, available in digital and CD format with a vinyl version additionally expected somewhere next year.
Have you got some nice reviews about the album?
The album has been released these days and we already had several reviews, mostly coming from Serbia and Greece, all of them reacting to the record in a good sense.

Which are the influences that inspires Terrorhammer?
As I said, we are mostly inspired by the legendary bands coming from the thrash and proto black metal wave of the 80’s before the Norwegians fully established the scene. Apart from that, hardcore and crustpunk elements are also present in our music, as well as some traditional heavy metal influences as long as they sound raw and mean. Themes that are prevalent in our lyrics include the supremacy of evil, witchcraft, blasphemy, the powers of darkness and more, all centered around the cult of Devil.

WarBeast Holocausto (Gorgoroth) had left the band, can you tell the reasons he left?
He decided he doesn’t want to be a part of Terrorhammer anymore and left the band in a very rude way, trying to make a public scandal out of it. I guess each one’s actions speak more than words.

You continued the band after WarBeast left the band, you performed as vocalist on the new album but, are you looking for new members to join the band?
Yes, in this situation we had a lineup change with me taking over the vocals and B.B.K. Necro Doctor that took the place of bassist, but since he already played a session bass on “Vintage Black Mass” EP he was not so much a new member in the band. In this lineup we recorded “Noć Paklenog Gneva” single and then the new album that came now. Together with B.B.K. we represent the core of the band with an occasional help of friends joining us on drums for the live shows and studio records.

Are you going to tour to promote the new album?
We are right now negotiating with organizers from Europe and Russia for some live shows where we could promote the new album. As soon as we get some dates we will announce it.

Any other future plans about Terrorhammer?
Aside from working to promote the new album, some of our new songs are already taking shape as we speak, so we might be entering the studio soon and start recording again.

Do you have a message for those who support the band?
Hail the hordes!

Thank you for your answers, hails and hope to see you soon!
Thank you for this interview and the interest you showed for Terrorhammer. Hope to visit Romania during the live promotion of our album and to repeat the madness from 2013 when we played in Bucharest on one of our greatest shows ever!

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