Interview video: Sophist (Black Grind from Canada)

Interview video: Sophist (Black Grind from Canada)

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Having just formed mere months ago, the duo of SOPHIST from Edmonton, Canada have been working at breakneck speed to release their debut EP “Betrothal To The Stone: Conception of Mephisto”, which is coming August 16, 2019. Here we go with an interview:

Sophistry – noun – the use of clever but false arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving. There is no deceiving with Edmonton, Canada’s SOPHIST, however, the duo of Michael K. Sparks (bass/guitar) and Davis R. Hay (programming/vocals) are straightforward with their approach to grinding black metal, like the locus of negativity the name suggests. Conjured in June of 2019, the duo of SOPHIST have just begun their musical journey, diving straight into recording their debut EP “Betrothal To The Stone: Conception of Mephisto”. Obscure riffs are plentiful in this blasting grinding, black metal necrosis. Both veterans in the local music scene, Sparks and Hay keep the writing process simple, with Hay defining the drums and song structure followed by Sparks overlay of bass and guitar. Lyrics and synths are layered on top and the finished product is recorded. The result are songs that fall together with the feel of grindcore and black metal that is very fast but still has flavour. Dauntless, SOPHIST have continued to move at ‘frightening speed’ to write more esoteric and occult music which will be revealed in the future.

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