Interview with ASOMVEL

Interview with ASOMVEL

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Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your upcoming album, and what fans can expect from it in terms of musical style and themes?
Ralph: It’s gonna be that good old rock ‘n’ roll you know and love, with lyrics to uplift, inspire, and empower you, all delivered with ungodly production that will blow your head clean off!!

What is the significance of recording two singles from the upcoming album before the full release? Can you give us any hints about these singles?
Ralph: We only reformed with this new line-up in June, and we’ve been writing new material together since then. You might have noticed that we’re not here to fuck around this year, so working in a way that allows us to release singles consistently is a priority! These next two tracks are the best we’ve ever recorded… so far. The other tracks for the album are already shaping up to be just as good, or god forbid, better!!!!

How has your creative process evolved since World Shaker, and what can we expect to see in the daily videos showcasing your artistic genius?
Ralph: We’re a whole different beast now. We’re more focused songwriters, with solid ways of working that yield results. Louder & Louder was written in a few hours, because we know exactly what our strengths are, and how to work effectively together. We can comfortably bang out a new track with lyrics in a day, once the initial riff has got us inspired.

It’s a good job the songs write themselves, really, because dedicating time to video content online has been pivotal this year. Though it’s always tough to strike a balance when trying to post up-to-date progress videos showcasing the song writing etc. We never want to give too much of the song away before it’s out or being actively promoted, so we end up talking about the colour of our wallpaper instead at times. It’s a fine art.

Asomvel has a dedicated fanbase known as the “ASOMVEL ARMY.” How has their support influenced the making of this album, and how do you plan to engage with them during the album release?
Ralph: We’d be thoroughly disillusioned at this stage, if not for the massive support from the ASOMVEL ARMY, we’ve always been the underdogs and the black sheep of the music industry, with none of the major gatekeepers wanting to acknowledge our existence. We know we’ve got the support that most bands would kill for, and we’re committed to putting music out directly to the fans, with as little bullshit as humanly possible. We’re releasing this next record completely independently because we’re not interested in answering to people who don’t share our vision, and don’t give a shit about our fans the way we do, certainly not at this level where the labels approaching us can’t really do much that we aren’t already doing ourselves.

Are there any special collaborations or guest appearances on this album that you’d like to tease?
Ralph: This is gonna be the definitive ASOMVEL album, and I don’t think there’s anybody I’d want on there apart from us four.

And we’re not interesting in chasing clout, and featuring somebody just because it’s a smart business move.

Can you elaborate on the album’s track listing? Are there any particular songs that hold personal significance or unique stories behind them?
Ralph: I’m looking forward to recording a track titled: Stare at Death and Spit. It’s a song about Jay-Jay Winter, my uncle, who started the band. I wrote the lyrics about how it feels to keep the band going after he died, and it’s probably the most personal / vulnerable I’ve been in any lyrics I’ve written. I’m hoping we can have that as the last track of the album, really hit with the raw emotion to finish it.

What kind of artwork can fans expect for the album? Does it tie into the album’s overall concept or theme?
Ralph: We figured, we’re one of the only rock ‘n’ roll bands that actually look like a rock ‘n’ roll band, so we leant into that and did something very basic, but well executed. The artwork has been a great collaboration between me and Stel, who’s my brother and guitarist in the band. We’re pretty good at collaborating on a vision and seeing where each other are coming from. There’s something to be said about a band that does all their own artwork, music videos, etc. themselves. It feels like you’re seeing the band, not just in the photo or video itself, but in the shots we chose, and the composition we went for. It’s all creative expression, and we want it all to represent us, and not the graphic designer or editor we paid to just knock it out.

With the anticipation building, can you give us an estimated release date for the album and any details?
Ralph: We’ve been in touch with pressing plants to get lead times on CD and Vinyl, and by the time everything’s recorded and ready to send off, we’re told we should receive copies in time for a March 2024 release.

As you plan to hit the road and tour, can you provide any details on your tour schedule and what fans can expect from your live performances?
Ralph: As soon as the album’s out, we’ll be touring it religiously, in the same relentless way we’ve been hammering social media whilst recording it. Our show is very simple, and it stems from the mindset that it’s an absolute ASSAULT from start to finish, and if we’re not getting loaded into the back of an ambulance afterwards, we didn’t go hard enough. We’re training hard in the gym before a tour, and we kill ourselves every single night to give the fans the best show imaginable.

In your opinion, what makes a great rock ‘n’ roll anthem? How do you ensure your songs fit that criteria?
Ralph: Next you’ll be asking for Colonel Sanders 11 secret herbs and spices!

Once the secret formula is applied, we know it fits the criteria, certainly with the songs on this album now that we’ve cracked it.

As a band with a long history, how do you balance staying true to your classic rock sound while also evolving and staying relevant in the modern music scene?
Ralph: We play like it’s the 70’s, and we get produced like it’s 2023, because we don’t want it to sound lacking compared to today’s music.

I think that’s a good balance, and then add to that the social media, the lack of sexism and misogyny in our songs, and you have a band that’s made for 2023, with a sound that isn’t attempting to out-clever itself.

Can you share some insights into the band’s dynamics during the recording process? How do you maintain a collaborative and creative atmosphere in the studio?
Ralph: We go in with a solid idea of what we want, based on demos that we record beforehand. From there we’re all extremely open to changes on our own parts, if they make sense. We rarely ever disagree on what we want the finished product to be, or the steps necessary to get there. We’re all singing from the same hymn sheet, and as long as our producer can see what we’re trying to accomplish, there’s no issue.

Looking beyond this album, what are Asomvel‘s long-term goals and aspirations for the future of the band?
Ralph: I’m not happy being just another band that can go around a certain circuit, even making a decent living off merch and albums all the while. I know we can do more than that, I know that we’ve got the song writing, the stage show, the character, and the sheer determination to thrive outside of the little niche that certain record labels seek to put us into. We can be a household name, even if that name is as hard to pronounce as ASOMVEL.

Schwarzenegger never let it stop him…

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