Interview with Ego Planet

Interview with Ego Planet

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What inspired the formation of Ego Planet during the Covid-19 quarantine?
I took advantage of the downtime during the quarantine to have some fun and get back into the flow of being creative. After a few months I accumulated a bunch of demos and wanted to do something with them. That’s when I brought Jarrett in to add his voice and Ego Planet was born.

How did you maintain creative synergy while collaborating remotely on 10 songs, and what challenges did you face?
Jarrett and I are great friends so the remote collab was a great way to keep in touch more regularly. It was a bit more productive than playing Call of Duty every night. We were genuinely having a blast working on these songs. It really felt like the album wrote itself. The only challenges were turnover times on making adjustments. This wasn’t too bad because it gave us time to sit on ideas. Overall it was an awesome experience.

How have diverse musical influences shaped Ego Planet’s unique sound?
Everything we listen to has an impact on the music we create. For me there’s elements of my love for classic metal and there’s hints of my love for the blues. You can trace our individual influences throughout the album.

Can you share your lyric-writing process and the themes that inspire your words?
There’s a lot of themes inspired by what was happening in the world around us. Obviously 2020 was an insane year in human history. We tried to capture some of those influences from the madness. But there’s also some more out there concepts inspired by cosmic horror.

Any memorable moments from recording at Backroom Studios, and how did working with Kevin Antreassian influence the album?
Our whole experience at Backroom with Kevin was amazing. From day one of recording everything felt extremely organic. Kevin’s impact on the record was massive. It really felt like every button we pushed was the right one. As a fellow guitarist he really helped me bring to life the tones that were floating around in my head. I’m looking forward to more projects with him in the near future.

How do you balance creative input within the trio, and have disagreements ever led to unexpectedly great music?
It’s a simple process for us. I write the music and Jarrett writes the lyrics. When it’s time to record Steve adds his voice on the drums.

What themes are explored in “Ego Planet”, and do specific songs hold special significance?
There’s themes of injustice, social imbalance, conflicts in power and your good old space horror songs. I really love Jarrett’s lyrics for “Faceless Children”. That was one of the first Ego Planet songs we wrote together. I love the images he paints with those lyrics.

How do you envision Ego Planet’s live performances in the future, and are there dream venues or festivals you aspire to perform at?
The ultimate goal would be some touring in the States supporting the bands we love. My personal dream venue would be to play Red Rocks, that place is incredible. Honestly any rock or metal festival would be amazing to be a part of.

Do you have specific artistic visions for music videos or album artwork? How do visuals enhance your music’s connection with the audience?
The artwork is a huge part of what we’ve been doing so far. The visions I have for this band really draw from the cosmic horror realm. I tried to keep these themes going in our few lyric videos that we’ve released.

What are your long-term goals as a band, musically? Are there dream collaborations or projects you’re excited about?
I want to continue writing and releasing music. I’ve already written most of our second album and I am extremely stoked with those songs. The goal is to continue to continue to develop our sound and grow as a musician/writer.

How do you engage with your fans, especially on social media? Any memorable fan interactions that touched or inspired you?
The most amazing thing about social media is connecting with people all over the world. I engage with everyone that interacts with our pages. Some of the coolest moments have been talking about music and favorite bands with new friends in different countries. It’s really awesome.

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