Interview with Fetal Blood Eagle

Interview with Fetal Blood Eagle

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Hi! Fetal Blood Eagle is described as the culmination of a vision to create brutally heavy death metal. How did the band members come together with this specific vision in mind, and what inspired the name “Fetal Blood Eagle”?
This all came from Jim Gregory and Ryan Beevers, the main writers and idea men behind FBE. It is just a fun, brutal, heavy celebration of deathcore, death metal, heavy metal, and all the genres put together, except black metal, that genre sucks.

The lineup includes some well-known musicians. How did this combination of talent influence the creative process for the album “Indoctrinate,” and what unique contributions did each member bring to the table?
It didn’t, Ryan and Jim wrote the entire thing, the rest are some add-ons we fired later.

“From Impalement to Penetration” is your latest single. Could you provide some insight into the inspiration behind the song’s title and lyrics, and how it fits within the overall thematic and sonic direction of the band’s upcoming album or future releases?
Sven De Caluwe had been stealing ideas from Ryan and Jim for 4 years, we provided proof to the labels and management people involved in the meantime, and so Sven recorded his vocals after we busted our asses making the single, and he took Aborted on the road in place of FBE. So we made Sven sing a song about how he can go fuck himself then we fired him! It’s true! it’s damn true! Anyway, the label dropped us too, but we don’t care. We already recorded the 2nd album with someone way better than that idea of stealing douche bags from Aborted.

“Indoctrinate” is said to feature a mix of old and new styled death metal, rooted in both European and American influences. Can you discuss some specific musical elements and bands that have inspired the sound of Fetal Blood Eagle on this album?
That was just some shit the label made up to promote it, truthfully it’s all American and Sven is the only European in the band. WAS in the band, but like we said. Fired for stealing our shit. Fuck him.

How did the band approach the songwriting process to achieve the desired level of aggression and intensity in the music?
By having fun and making it about the music like it should be. Instead of selling t-shirts and kissing ass. Right Sven and management boy!?!??!

How has this collective experience shaped the band’s approach to creating and performing music, and how do you ensure that Fetal Blood Eagle stands out amidst the vast landscape of death metal bands?
We love all metal genres truthfully. We just try to pay homage to our heroes and the bands we like, Entombed, Thy Art is Murder, Black Tongue, Meshuggah, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Judas Priest. For us it is all metal to be loved and celebrated and shoved up people’s asses because gate keeping genre hogs can suck a horse pecker. Thank you.

Can you provide insights into some of the themes and concepts explored on the album, and how they align with the overall vision of Fetal Blood Eagle?
Oh boy, fucking faces, people murdering children, rapists, real shit, and of course, what we would like to do to all of them.

Fetal Blood Eagle originated from the disbandment of Solium Fatalis. How did this change in lineup and musical direction impact the creative direction of the new band, and how did you ensure a seamless transition into the new project?
Solium Fatalis LIVES. We actually wrote a 5th album being produced behind the scenes as our final farewell to that band! So there’s an exclusive for you, and the name of the new SOLIUM FATALIS is “BETWEEN SHADOW AND SOUL” and features Artwork by none other than Dark Tranquillity Alumni and art genius Niklas Sundin who has also done album covers for kick ass bands such as Naglfar, and many more! Anyway, Fetal Blood Eagle was so easy, Ryan and I wrote it in 2 weeks, and let me tell you, FBE II is going to crush everything!!!!

How has the local metal scene influenced Fetal Blood Eagle’s music and helped shape the band’s identity?
We are all local somewhere. We love our friends in bands. Some go from Begat the Nephilim, all the way up to bands like Testament, and everyone in between. We have friends in Atheist and Graviton, we have friends in Aversed and Seven Spires, we all know one another and try our best to help each other. I consider myself very local and open to any of my friends and peers for any advice and help they may need from me if I can give any at all. I work as a producer and help Christian Donaldson behind the scenes in Canada in his studios in Montreal occasionally. I write lyrics for other bands, and proofread them. Just being plugged into the music world is such an honor and so fun! So we will always be a local group of people no matter what.

Can you share some insights into the technical aspects of your music, such as guitar techniques, drumming styles, and vocal approaches, that contribute to the overall sonic assault?
Nope. The secrets of how we make heavy will go to my fucking grave!

Can you delve deeper into the band’s artistic vision and the emotions you hope to evoke in your audience through your music?
Uhh yes, Kill, maim, destroy, eat, repeat.

How do you envision the band’s evolution and growth in the coming years?
We see this as heavy, getting heavier, and eventually so heavy, you yourself will be crushed by the additional gravity and just before you do? Shit your pants. I mean hot lava shit. It’s not small poop, it’s HUGE poop. The end. -Jim

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