Interview with Force of Destruction

Interview with Force of Destruction

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Hi! Can you tell us about the formation of Force of Destruction and what initially inspired you to create a death metal band?
Hi, Force of Destruction is my band, my creation, so I started alone. And for the album, I brought in a musician to complete it. The love, passion, and obsession for metal, especially death metal, and influential figures like Max Cavalera and Krisiun motivated me to play metal. That’s why I created my band.

How would you describe the sound and style of Force of Destruction? Which bands or artists have had the most significant influence on your music?
The sound of Force of Destruction is old school, characterized by a simple, direct, and evil style. It can be described as old school brutal. Influences from bands like Krisiun, Vital Remains, and Immolation have had an impact on me.

Can you share your experience working with Nils Moliner and how it contributed to the overall sound and production of the album?
I had a very good experience working with him. He provided valuable advice without imposing his own influence on the composition. He is a highly skilled musician who played effortlessly. Moreover, he did an excellent job with mixing and mastering. He understood exactly what I wanted to achieve: an old school sound without any artificial elements. I am extremely satisfied with the final result.

What themes or concepts do you explore lyrically in your music? Is there a specific message or atmosphere you aim to convey through your lyrics?
The lyrics focus on themes of destruction and the domination of evil. They delve into the darkest aspects of human nature and explore the concept of an evil force reigning supreme. This can be depicted through the imagery of the devil and her servants, both human and demonic. Additionally, the lyrics may allude to the presence of evil in religions, organizations, and their followers. It is important to note that there is no specific message or agenda conveyed; rather, the lyrics serve as descriptions and observations. The overall atmosphere evokes a sense of the infernal, with a scent that resembles the essence of hell.

How do you approach the songwriting process in Force of Destruction? Do you have a specific method or creative approach that you follow?
When I jam alone, I do it without any pressure or force. I enjoy the process of playing and recording. Sometimes, I record a riff when I love it or when I believe it sounds really good. However, I approach it with a relaxed mindset and don’t worry about the quantity. Sometimes I may record just two riffs, other times it could be seven or more. If I end up with nothing that stands out, it’s not a problem. Later on, I write lyrics to complement the music. I gather lyrics that I have already written and match them to the instrumentals that correspond to them the most effectively.

As the main songwriter, what drives your creative process and influences the musical direction of the band? Are there any particular experiences or emotions that inspire your compositions?
Motivated by the love of metal, I enjoy playing and creating. Creating music is an amazing sensation. The direction of my music is influenced by old school bands like Krisiun and Apocalyptic Revelation, for example. Themes of the devil, evil, and their servants are prominent. Everyone has their own interpretation. Injustice is also a significant theme. For instance, in the track “Knight of Disorder,” it depicts a situation where lies are used to justify injustice. It portrays a country being attacked, resulting in terrible acts such as rape and the killing of children. I offer my condolences to the victims in your country as well.

How do you envision the evolution of Force of Destruction’s sound and style in future releases? Are there any specific elements or experiments you would like to incorporate into your music?
Force of Destruction remains dedicated to the old school death metal genre. For the upcoming album, the intention is to amplify the level of brutality while maintaining the essence of evil within the realm of old school death metal.

Could you share any memorable or significant moments from your live performances or touring experiences? Is there a particular show or tour that stands out to you?
Shows are coming in the next few years.

In the realm of death metal, what do you believe sets Force of Destruction apart from other bands in the genre? How do you strive to maintain originality while still paying homage to the classic sound?
I don’t just listen to an album and jam along with it. I focus on creating my own music, without being influenced by the sounds I hear. Force of Destruction is not about innovation, but rather about genuine playing without any artificial elements in the sound. It is characterized by a direct and effective approach.

What are your future goals and aspirations for Force of Destruction? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you are excited about? Thank you for your time!
I have written so many riffs, and I believe I am creating a second album that will be even more evil and brutal. My goal for the future is to perform these songs live and share the sound with more and more people. I have received numerous collaboration propositions, and while my schedule is currently full, I am open to opportunities. I don’t like creating or playing just for the sake of it; I put my love and dedication into everything I do, giving it my 100 percent. I believe I will continue to do so in the future. I want to express my sincere gratitude for your support. Thank you very much.

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