Interview with FROZEN SAND

Interview with FROZEN SAND

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Hello! Congratulations on the release of your new video ‘Midnight’! How has the reception been so far?
Thank you! The reception has been great so far, and we’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback to the new song. Which is awesome as it sets up the field for the release of the new album!

What was the inspiration behind the song ‘Midnight’, and how did it influence the making of the video?
The song deals with the concept of loss: both material (career, economics) and immaterial (friends and loved ones). Something that, in some point of one’s life, everyone is subjected to. We wanted to represent the cry of despair in such situations: the ghosts are projected outside the main character’s mind, haunting him as it becomes as one with his ghosts.

How does ‘Midnight’ fit into the overall concept of your upcoming album ‘Fractals: A Light among Shadows’?
Midnight is the opening track of the upcoming album, which deals with the strive for salvation after the loss of everything. As it is part of a saga, the album starts where the previous one ended: its protagonist Peter Light, victim of the loss of his loved one and his career, drowning in the vicious spiral of alcohol. It’s the starting point of the process of acceptance that the protagonist goes through and that is narrated along the album’s songs.

What was the most challenging part of creating the video for ‘Midnight’, and how did you overcome it?
Being quick enough with the video takes as we had a very limited time window for shooting with the right light. Everything needed to be organized in its minimal detail to be effective in the execution. Moreover, we needed to do the same on a second day with the actors you see on screen: orchestrating all the people and keeping everything in time was a huge challenge! Shout out to BorioLab (video maker) and The Invisible MUA (make-up artist) for helping across the organization and putting so much effort into this video.

How does ‘Midnight’ compare to your previous work, and what do you think sets it apart?
Midnight is our most challenging song so far, both for the listener and for us to play, as it is very harsh sounding and rhythmically complex. Still, we are extremely proud of how it came out: it definitely sets the bar higher for everyone.

Can you talk about the process of writing and recording ‘Midnight’, and how it evolved from the initial idea?
The first idea came out from our bassist Tiziano in 2019. He developed the first draft of the main riffs of the song, and sent those to the rest of the band. After that, the other musicians started integrating new sections and rearranging both rhythm and harmony, while Luke wrote the lines of the song. The recording was done in different times for everyone: drums first, then bass, guitars and, lastly, voice, over a time lapse of 6 months. Finally, the last 3 months were dedicated to mix and master the piece, as it sets the sound for the upcoming album.

What was the most memorable moment during the making of the video for ‘Midnight’?
There are many moments that will definitely last for a long time in our memories, as it was an intense experience for everyone involved. However, the transportation of the piano was a tough one! We bought it online and went to take it about 70 miles away from the video shoot location. It required a good half an hour to figure out how to solidly anchor it to the van, while the last part of the transport was off-road and required a thousand maneuvers with the help of everyone to successfully drive the van across the wood and reach the destination.

How did you come up with the visual concept for the video, and what was your goal in conveying the song’s meaning visually?
The song has a very clear meaning and provides vivid images for it, so translating the main ideas to video was straightforward. However, laying down the details was not an easy task: while the overall feeling was clear, how to convey it through visuals was not that immediate. The story told in the song is about the protagonist being haunted by ghosts, so that sets up the idea that it wouldn’t be only the band in the video, but actors as well. It took a few months of drafting the script with the videomaker to define every moment of the clip and everyone’s role.

What do you hope listeners and viewers will take away from the experience of listening to ‘Midnight’ and watching the video?
First, we hope that the song will make the listener headbang like crazy during the listen: an enticing piece of music! Then, hopefully, we hope that they will find a song that reflects their feelings in hard times, that really speaks to them and makes them feel not alone in such moments.

What’s next for FROZEN SAND after the release of ‘Fractals: A Light among Shadows’, and what can fans expect in the future?
We really hope to be able to bring the album to its full potential, executing it live as much as we can! After that, we’ll start working on the new material that won’t end up in the current release.

Thank you!
You’re welcome! Stay tuned for the following releases!

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