Interview with Gene Palubicki of PERDITION TEMPLE

Interview with Gene Palubicki of PERDITION TEMPLE

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Gene Palubicki, you need no introduction but please let the readers know a Brief Summary of your Band Perdition Temple to begin this Interview.
PERDITION TEMPLE has been around since 2009, with the debut album being released in 2010… Essentially the followup band for me after ANGELCORPSE came to its creative end in 2009. Flash for we are now 3 full-lengths in and no signs of slowing down, actually the opposite! With all this staying at home/working from home making extra hours during the day available to me I’ve managed to generate a mass amount of new material for PERDITION TEMPLE future releases as well as another album of material I’m developing for a new as yet to be announced project with some other great veteran guys known in the death metal scene.

That’s great to hear Gene. I’m glad you mention that you consider this your follow up the band to Angel Corpse. I notice you have a style about your writing and all of us fans enjoy that. How is it for you now taking over on Vocals?
Previously, up until 2019 I’d only did vocals for the studio recordings, while on our tour supporting CANNIBAL CORPSE this last October/November (2019) I’ve started doing part of the vocals live as well, and will continue to share live vocals with Alex Blume(bass/vocals) in the future as well. We are carefully trying to make the dynamic of both of us doing vocals live so it is more a sharing of vocals and not just one guy doing some backups/etc… It is a lot of work and practice to do this with these riffs and songs since a lot of it is very busy parts and not just grinding on one chord for a whole line of lyrics… haha

Trust me I completely understand that. So when you generate New Material for Future releases that doesn’t always get used right away? And will you Tour again first before Finalizing and Recording The next Attack?
I would for sure want to have a proper, albeit delayed tour cycle for the “Sacraments of Descension” album before having another full length come out… time will tell how this all plays out once the world decides to turn back on. Being that the world does not have heaps of bodies laying out in the streets should indicate that happening sooner than later I’d hope. But in the meantime I try to make the best of it all and forge ahead writing as much strong material as possible so I’m that much farther ahead of all this once it all comes around again.

Agreed, Where’s all The Dead Celebrities and piles of Coffins? Anyways to stay on track and not upset to many Soy Boys is there any information at all you can let us sneak out to the Public about this Potential new band you mentioned?
The new project has some folks I’ve known going all the way back to my beginnings of activity in the death metal circles. So there might be as much surprise as lack of surprise… haha. Of course material I write is always going to have my stamp on it, I’m forging material for this new project to push into some different types of riffs that one would not immediately identify with previous projects I’ve done… but for sure no less dark or aggressive!

Tell us a little about your Movie Career? How did that all begin and what again was your latest Role?
The two horror films I’d participated in were the 2015 BLOODSHOCK, and the 2018 SONG OF SOLOMON. Both films were released and produced by UNEARTHED FILMS. The company had up until around 2017 been based here in Tampa, FL so I’d known the owner for many years going back to the early 2000’s. The owner, Stephen Biro new me from those times and when he began to produce the films he approached me to have some involvement. So that wound up being as actor/soundtrack/and associate producer (SONG OF SOLOMON). Horror films have been a part of my life since a young child, even predating my activity in music, so it was no real jump for me to get on board being involved in this sort of stuff. It was fantastic to see the various levels of production to complete a film with not just the acting, music, etc… but the editing and watching multiple cuts to narrow down to a final version/etc… great stuff and insane levels of hard work.

I can only imagine how much work that would be yet also a lot of fun to be involved. When you parted with Osmose what prompted you to make the decision of going with Fellow Americans Hells Headbangers Records and how involved are they with The Releases?
OSMOSE had been a great label to be with, especially for Europe. I still keep good contact with Herve/OSMOSE. It was good though to move to a USA based label to make communication faster and get product at a much faster pace than waiting for international mail. We have done the last 2 full-length albums now with HELLS HEADBANGERS and all has been very good through them.

When you guys did the Cannibal Corpse Tour I am sure you had a lot of fans from Angel Corpse days come out to see you guys. Do you ever get anyone asking about a reunion and how was it that Band came to an ending?
Discounting those live reunion shows from 2016-2017, ANGELCORPSE had truly ended creatively in 2009. Musical motivations of all of us were going to different places and we were surely no longer able to relate enough to be able to continue as a functioning band. So even though things were relatively successful for that band even at that point, it would have only gone somewhere undesirable if we would have attempted to continue. So at least for myself, I know that the end of that band making way for what I’ve continued with for the last decade was the best thing for it all around. And for sure there is no intention for the future for any more reunion shows for that band again.

Do you use any recording equipment at home when writing your songs? I know some people use a click track and drum machine to get basic ideas together. What is your general process? Also, do you write lyrics first or last?
Of course! All me demos/etc start with riff tracks broken up and sent to Ronnie to then compile into my arrangements and then he creates his own drum parts to all of it. And when it has come to the recording of all three albums so far I’ve done my tracking at home on a digital 8 track recorder. Music is always 1st. And I work on each song in turn. I don’t just compile riffs and then create songs. And lyrics are last after all the rest. Which sometimes proves more a challenge than the guitar parts!!!

Gene, how long have you been playing guitar now and what got you started? Also, what were you listening to in the early years?
I started playing guitar around 13 years old. I’d been listening to some metal bands like IRON MAIDEN, PRIEST, SLAYER, MEGADETH/etc… and was into the scraping growling guitars sounds of those bands and after about a year of that I got a guitar and puny practice amp at around 13. Of course in the next few years from there so many more bands became part of my influences like CELTIC FROST, POSSESSED and DARK ANGEL, SODOM. Mostly the bands that had darker sounding riffs, the sort of “fun” bands from those times that were all about the “mosh” or whatever I never liked and the modern counterparts of those bands I detest as much. It was about 6 years later (I was 18 or 19) of learning the instrument that I finally began to do some demos of stuff/etc for any sort of my own music, which became the IMPIETY(USA) short-lived band I started with. The 1992 demo from that band featured in the ranks Aantar Coates who went on to things like DIABOLIC and UNHOLY GHOST/etc… we all start somewhere, and I can say that even those early beginnings/writings might still find a way to influence new things to come.

If you could wake up one day and find you have the kick-ass opportunity to put Perdition Temple as a main feature of The Ultimate Tour what bands would it consist of?
I would love to see shared tours/gigs with bands like ASCENDED DEAD, or OMEGA VORTEX, those two bands come to mind right away as bands the capture the energy and sounds of this genre of music as I understand it since the earliest times.

Very cool, for sure I just reviewed the Omega Vortex, it’s great! You had an extensive Touring with Angel Corpse. What parts of The World that you have Toured would you say have the Strongest scenes and are most supportive of Extreme Metal?
From memory some insane shows in places like Poland. Everyone in audience more of a manic than the last! Texas shows here in USA are always total chaos also. But there have been lunatic gigs in so many places I’d played through Europe and USA, I’m always happy to blow the roof off whatever city we play in whether there is 10 people or 3000.

That is the best Attitude any band could ever have. What is your advice to a young band and what was The Largest Audience you ever played in front of and any cool stories about that night?
Whenever asked “where to start” from young folks/bands I always say to trust in exactly what it is that THEY think is the right direction/sound for their bands. NOT what their peers and “scene” might try to tell them is right. That way, sink or swim they will know that they created their most pure art and not something manufactured by popular opinions from those who have no invested interest in it at all. As far as PERDITION TEMPLE is concerned, some of the largest crowds were the MDF and CDF fests here in USA, which were usually at least a few thousand in attendance, and on the recent CANNIBAL CORPSE tour a few shows had over 1500 people at.

Strong Advice! For those who are not so familiar, tell us a little about Alex and Ronnie, please?
Alex I’d known since the.mid ’90s from Kansas City where Angelcorpse had lived at that time until 1998. He had played with NEPENTHE at that time, and later on the great ARES KINGDOM. Between 2007 and 2014 we were also involved in the BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY band and the 2 records that we produced from that. So for sure it was not out of nowhere that I got Alex involved. Ronnie had become part of Perdition Temple in 2011, not too long after the debut album had come out. He had been playing in several local Tampa bands like DESTINED TO RUIN and CATALYSIS. He learned all the songs very fast and has been extremely intuitive in creating drum parts to make his mark on all the material on the last 2 full-length albums. The 3 of us now make the core of PERDITION TEMPLE, and I expect that to remain as such for the future ahead!

Ok, Gene, I leave the last words of your choice man. Anything else you would want us to know or would wish to say?
Everyone needs to stay sharp and on track during these plague hysteria times! Do the best of what you can with what you are able and then when the world decides to get back out from hiding behind the masks and world starts turning again you will be that much farther ahead, and that much stronger when things are normal again! All the best for everyone in these times of madness!

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