Interview with GraveRipper

Interview with GraveRipper

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Hi! “Seasons Dreaming Death” follows up on the intense energy of “Radiated Remains.” How did you evolve your sound and songwriting approach between the two releases?
It’s just a natural progression of what we are inspired to write.

Could you delve into the thematic and lyrical inspirations behind the tracks that make up “Seasons Dreaming Death”?
There are songs about being selflessly dedicated to something, songs about craving isolation and misanthropy, Nihilism. Some fantasy elements.

With “Seasons Dreaming Death,” you’ve incorporated more Teutonic thrash influences. How do these influences merge with your black metal and thrash foundation to create a unique sonic blend?
We try to combine the two in a unique ratio. A lot of the early Teutonic stuff could been seen as proto bm, so it all fits together.

“Double down on what resonates with us, but also introduce some new arrangements, ideas, themes, and influences.” Could you give us some specific examples of these new elements and how they contribute to the album’s overall atmosphere?
More second wave BM and early DM.

“Refined Expansion” is your approach to songwriting for this album. How did this mindset challenge and inspire you during the creative process?
Double down on what we know works and then try to bring in something fresh, but refine that as well. Self editing.

You emphasize a blend of black and thrash metal. How do you balance these two distinctive subgenres to create a seamless and cohesive listening experience?
There isn’t a true balance, each song has its own distinct ratio. Both genres, especially black, have a vast landscape to draw influence from.

“Into the Grave” sets an intense tone for the album. Could you share the story behind this lead single and its significance within the context of “Seasons Dreaming Death”?
The story is I wrote it haha. It’s the first track on the album. I want the listener to listen to it, read the lyrics, and you tell me what you think the significance and context is.

“Seasons Dreaming Death” launches a 33-minute ballistic assault. How do you maintain the album’s dynamic pace and energy while still allowing room for varied moments within the tracks?
We write what feels right.

How does the album cover reflect the themes and emotions conveyed in “Seasons Dreaming Death”?
Death is about to rip some graves. Red.

How has your partnership with Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust, who mastered “Radiated Remains,” influenced your sound and production choices on “Seasons Dreaming Death”?
Every modern thrash band has been influenced by TH. He was the mastering engineer on Radiated. Working with him was great.

“Seasons Dreaming Death” arrives in the midst of Wise Blood Records’ “Summer Ov Thrash.” How does this specific time frame impact the album’s release and your overall approach to connecting with your audience?
How does the release time impact the album’s release and connect with our audience? I don’t know if it does. We are doing some dates around it but that probably would have happened regardless of when we released it. Were fortunate to be on such a killer label and the stars just aligned to be part of such a knockout array of releases.

“Faster. Heavier. Catchier.” Can you elaborate on the process of making your music even more compelling and infectious while maintaining its aggressive edge?
It’s just what we do, homie.

“Seasons Dreaming Death” is available in various formats. How do you approach adapting your music for different mediums, from vinyl to digital, while preserving its sonic integrity?
We don’t.

With the release date approaching, what are your expectations and hopes for the reception of “Seasons Dreaming Death,” and how do you envision it contributing to Graveripper‘s artistic journey? Thank you for your time!
It’s our first full length so we’re really proud of it. No real expectations or hopes. As long as we are happy with it that’s what matters to us. If others dig it, that’s cool too.

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