Interview with Sam of RED RUM

Interview with Sam of RED RUM

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Ahoy! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your new album “Book of Legends” and what sets it apart from your previous releases?
Ahoy! Book of Legends is a very silly story about some pirates who keep repeatedly finding the same treasure and burying it over and over again, the events in the album tell the tale of the 69th attempt! I think this album stands out from our previous releases with the focus on actual songwriting rather than our simplified Bodom-esque riffy beginnings.

How did you develop your unique neoclassical take on pirate metal, and what draws you to this particular style of music?
A big inspiration when writing for red rum is the majestic chords used in classical music – favourites for me being Vivaldi, Bach and Scarlatti. I was always into neoclassical metal bands such as Children of Bodom, Rhapsody and of course Queen.

With a lineup that includes so many different instruments, how do you go about creating and arranging your songs to ensure each element has its own space and impact?
I always start with a ‘tune’. Chords and everything else just fall into place quite quickly or it usually gets thrown in the bin!

The official press release describes your live shows as “undoubtedly raucous” – how do you keep the energy up night after night on tour, and what can fans expect from a RED RUM performance?
The urge to drink, dance and take part in walls of jig.

Can you walk us through your songwriting process – how do you come up with ideas, and what role does collaboration play in the creation of your music?
In the beginning I co-wrote all the music with then-keyboardist Sam Bradford but since his departure I write all the music and captain silver will write nearly all of the lyrics except for a few minor edits.

You’ve shared the stage with some legendary acts in the metal world – which bands have been the most memorable to perform with, and what have you learned from sharing the stage with them?
Okilly Dokilly! Those neighborinos are just lovely.

Your lyrics often focus on pirate themes and adventures – what draws you to this subject matter, and how do you ensure your lyrics are both entertaining and meaningful?
We are incredibly childish, and in our 30s still watch a lot of Disney movies/cartoons. As for how this fits into our lyrics, we can fill it with such elements knowing full well that everyone, no matter how big and tough still has an inner sparkle for Disney/piratey/adventure magic! (We see this constantly at our shows)

Can you share any behind-the-scenes stories from the recording process of “Book of Legends” – any challenges you faced or particularly memorable moments?
To be honest it was quite a straightforward process, we went into the studio separately and recorded our individual parts. I hear that the vocal/gang vocal recording sessions were a lot of fun, but I wasn’t there!

You’ve been working with Trollzorn Records for a while now – what drew you to this label, and how has your experience been working with them on the release of “Book of Legends”?
I discovered them many years ago online and thought “Awesome! A folk metal record label, id love to sign with them!” Lovely guys to work with, and have put out some great releases with other bands!

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians looking to make a name for themselves in the crowded metal scene?
Don’t be afraid to be cheesy/catchy/silly.

Finally, what can fans expect from RED RUM in the coming months – any upcoming tours or exciting new projects in the works?
You should be seeing us live a lot more! some tours in the works, we can’t wait to see you all ahoying away at our shows!

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