Interview with SUPERLYNX

Interview with SUPERLYNX

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Can you tell us more about the concept and inspiration behind your new album “4 10”? How does it differ from Electric Temple?
The new album is based on jamming and improvisation and that is was we used as the songwriting method this time. Jamming has always been important to us, and this time all the music on the album was created through improvising sessions where the music that came out of it lead the way and turned into these songs. The entire album was recorded in the rehearsal space where we started out a decade ago, and we feel this album is very much who we are as a band now after ten years of playing together. The focus on 4 10 is imagination, dreams, inspiration, connection and an open view.

Compared to Electric Temple this album sounds more like we do live, and is a bit less introvert in our opinion.

It’s your 10th anniversary as a band. How has SUPERLYNX evolved over the past decade, and what milestones are you most proud of?
We have always stayed true to letting the music and our inspiration lead the way, but we have definitely become more of a unit playing wise. We couldn’t have improvised and jammed out an entire album 8 or 5 or even 3 years ago. I guess we are a bit proud of that, and of having been quite productive both with recordings and playing live.

Your band name, SUPERLYNX, has a fascinating origin linked to nature and light. How does this concept of light connect to the themes explored in your music, particularly in your darker compositions?
Light and darkness is a recurring theme, especially on our two first albums – both physically, mentally, metaphorically, directly, internally and externally. Light and enlightenment is definitely important to our concept, and it is still connected to almost everything. We go through dark times, but we always reach for the light and that comes through in our music.

What are the key themes and emotions that listeners can expect to encounter in “4 10”? Are there any specific stories or experiences that inspired the album’s lyrical content?
Yes we have concentrated on themes like imagination, dreams, inspiration, connection and an open view. Our previous albums have dealt a lot with very personal things and heavy things we have gone through, while this time we wanted to look more out from ourselves and into connections through other sides of life.

As a band, you’ve mentioned that you represent both natural force and fragility in your music. Could you delve deeper into how these contrasting elements are expressed in your songs and performances?
Well, our music is both heavy and massive and connected to nature, but it is also full of human personal emotions, which are often fragile. Taking the fragile, our fears and sometimes sorrow and turning it into music that feels meaningful and full of love and light and possible creating bonds to other people with it is just magic. Musically you can find a contrast between our very slow, careful and meditative parts opposed to parts that are meow intense, heavy and massive.

What can fans expect from your live performances in 2023, and how will the addition of Espen Krøll enhance the experience?
People can expect to hear songs from the new album of course, which we really enjoy playing. We really ook forward to play a few more of them live. And you will of course hear songs from the previous albums too, we like to play something from each of them at our gigs. And with Espen as part of the band you can expect an even fuller live sound.

Can you share any memorable moments from the recording process of “4 10”? Were there any challenges or breakthroughs that significantly impacted the album’s final outcome?
It was just and intense time of jamming, and the most exciting thing about it was that we very quickly realised we could actually create a full album this way instead of the more traditional writing sessions as so much music came flowing out that actually seemed to be worth taking further. And the most memorable moment must be when the first jam that turned into the song called Into the Sun came out almost like a finished song. That was such a joy and a very cool feeling. The final album recording and arrangements of this track are almost exactly like the initial jam.

What role does atmosphere play in your creative process, and how do you aim to transport listeners to different emotional and sonic landscapes?
Atmosphere is a big part of our music, and to create we need at least three hours and a space with the gear and sound that we want. Sometimes we do with less. For writing we usually spend a whole day and take breaks in a relaxed environment and treat ourselves with the refreshments each of us like, be it herbs, fruits, or coffe/tea and sigarettes etc. Time, space and good vibes are essential.

We also do it with love and with letting the music lead the way, we don’t really plan or think «let’s play this riff this way to transport people». We just go for a natural inspired flow and if people pick up on a feeling of being transported that is awesome.

Are there any specific artists, albums, or musical influences that had a profound impact on the creation of “4 10”?
As usual for us it is more a sum of everything we listen to or are inspired by rather than specific bands or influences. We listen to so much different music, both each person and between the four of us, and we always have different ideas and approaches. We haven´t mentioned any specific musical influences in the creative process for the album, but we are in general inspired by a lot of different music, art, life, people and nature.

Beyond the album release and live performances, do you have any special plans or projects to celebrate your 10th anniversary year as a band?
We did a 10 year anniversary gig in Oslo in June, which was a special celebration and such a lovely and fun evening with so many people. Other than that we are just celebrating with the new album and the upcoming gigs.

What broader aspirations and ambitions do you have in mind for SUPERLYNX as a band?
Right now we are focusing on the album release and the gigs ahead. We would of course love to create more music and travel more to different places playing and do more of what we love. We love connecting with people through music and hope to do more of that.

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