Just Before Dawn “The Dead And Those About To Die” (Chaos records) official track stream

Just Before Dawn “The Dead And Those About To Die” (Chaos records) official track stream

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JBD Logo BLACKJust Before Dawn started out as a one man project with Anders Biazzi (Amon Amarth/Blood Mortized) as the founder, but the project did quickly grow into a small army! Rogga Johansson, Gustav Myrin, Jonas Lindblood, Mr Hitchcock, Ralf Hauber, Tony Freed, Dennis Johansson, Rick Rozz is the first wave of soldiers to enter the battlefield! JBD released their first fulleght in 2013 titled Precis innan Gryningen(Just Before Dawn). The front moves forward in 2014 and JBD grows even bigger and makes the album The Aftermath! Names like Dave Ingram Johan Jansson, Jonas Stålhammar, Teddy Möller, Jocke Mikiver, Rick Rozz, Thomas Wouters, Anders Strokirk, Gustav Myrin, Marc Grewe, Mathias Lodmalm, Jonas Lindblood Brynjar Helgetun and many many more are on the lineup this time! Jonny Petterson and Brynjar Helgetun joins in as full members in JBD! The project moves forward with some free download releases, and JBD starts working on the new EP The Dead and those about to Die!
CD will be officially released 30 November 2015. Enjoy now by exlusive track streaming!


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