KARRAS Reveal Forthcoming Album Cover Art; Pre-order ‘We Poison Their Young’ Now

KARRAS Reveal Forthcoming Album Cover Art; Pre-order ‘We Poison Their Young’ Now

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M-Theory Audio recent signees –France’s KARRAS – have their anticipated sophomore album, ‘We Poison Their Young,’ coming out Sept 29th. We’ve teased you with the 8 second assault “Demons Got Rhythm” (https://youtu.be/bnTomAEwIcs) and pummeled you with the hammering “Roland Doe,” whose music video (https://youtu.be/r_lrYaMJOwc) was shot in the catacombs of Paris, and now we unveil the cover art, street date and pre-order – https://lnk.to/wepoisontheiryoung.

‘We Poison Their Young’ will be released Sept. 29th on Digipak CD, digital download & streaming outlets, as well as two variants of colored vinyl – 300 copies of red and black splatter available at stores and online, or the 100 copy black and white marble variant exclusive direct only from the band and label.  T-shirt bundle options also exist at our label webstore or Bandcamp. Pre-order now at https://lnk.to/wepoisontheiryoung

“This album is inspired by the 1940’s story of a teenager who was known as ROLAND DOE and was an alleged victim of demonic possession,” explains singer/guitarist Diego Janson.  “The priests of the Roman Catholic Church performed a series of exorcisms and thought they had expelled the malevolent spirits.


Roland was an only child dependent upon adults and enslaved in his household by his parents, the priests and his Aunt Harriet. The latter, a so-called spiritualist, introduced Roland to the Ouija board and convinced him that he had evil in him. Roland never chose anything for himself, what to believe and what not to believe, what was beautiful or ugly, what was evil or virtuous. He had always been under the influence of his own kind and through these exorcisms, he came to understand that everything he knew was wrong and that he was a slave to humanity.

This album is about the rebellion against the process of domestication that we impose on our youth and which has been repeated since the dawn of time. We poison our young and we poison their young.”

Obviously heavy topics bordering on a variety of pop culture, societal criticism, religious overtones and raw, ruthless and dark music go hand-in-hand and KARRAS bridge influence from old-school death metal, grindcore, punk, crust and power violence genres to combine to something endearingly charming while ear destroyingly entertaining.

‘We Poison Their Young’ was produced, engineered and mixed by drummer Etienne Sarthou at Hemlig Studio – France, while Cult of Luna guitarist Magnus Lindberg mastered the record in Sweden at Redmount Studio.

KARRAS formed in 2017 and were named as an ode to the life and death of Father Damian Karras from the cult horror film, The Exorcist. The trio are as equally compelling, sinister and evolving as the popular movie delivering a mix of punk-crust, grindcore and early ‘90s raw death metal. KARRAS made quite an impression on the European scene with 2020’s debut, ‘None More Heretic’ (Verycords). That and the forthcoming follow-up are intense displays of the band’s effort to resurrect Father Karras’ legacy and to give him a second chance but moreso to deliver a deafening way of reasoning.

Upcoming Live Show
10/21 – Tyrant Fest – Chemin du Tordoir, France

More information on KARRAS and the upcoming album release will be revealed in the weeks to come at www.facebook.com/karrasband and by M-Theory Audio.


Karras is:
Diego Janson – vocals & bass
Yann Heurtaux – guitars
Etienne Sarthou- drums

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