KARRAS Share “Negative Life” Upon New Album’s Release Date

KARRAS Share “Negative Life” Upon New Album’s Release Date

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Paris-based extreme trio KARRAS release their anticipated second album, ‘We Poison Their Young,’ today on CD, Digital and limited-edition colored vinyl editions. The new album is already receiving great critical attention including Angry Metal Guy who cites “this strikes the face and/or buttocks region with an open-palm swipe… these songs either groove, punish, bulldoze, or all of the above in the scant timeframes they’re allotted” or “Good Lord!! From ‘Prelude to the Depths’ to ‘Negative Life,’ this is the aural equivalent of a brick to the face” claims Metal Epidemic.

To further celebrate the French-based grind/old-school death metal trio’s new offering, the guys issue a music video for the track “Negative Life,” which takes a unique spin to a standard formula.

“The idea of the clip was to bring the lyrics of the song to the center of attention by having them transcribed throughout the clip by Romain Pareja, JD Mendoza, and Angéline, three tattoo artists from Hand In Glove Tattoo shop in Paris, as well as a calligrapher, Leeloo, and a writer of out of service Parisian metro stations, renamed Father Karras to preserve his anonymity,”

explains singer/bassist Diego Janson regarding the concept.

“The scenes all take place in a closed space, parallel to the claustrophobic exorcism sessions that young Roland Doe undergoes throughout the album. They show through images and text all the suffering and the despair of a teenager imbued with a black and negative life. This is the last song of the album, hope and light will not close it.”

Check out “Negative Life” now HERE

The video follows up three other clips for the album including the 8-second assault “Demons Got Rhythm” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnTomAEwIcs or the hammering “Roland Doe,” whose music video https://youtu.be/r_lrYaMJOwc was shot in the catacombs of Paris, and the essence of a KARRAS live performance in “Lutheran Blade https://youtu.be/m1dNwJj6FJU

‘We Poison Their Young’ was produced, engineered and mixed by drummer Etienne Sarthou at Hemlig Studio – France, while Cult of Luna guitarist Magnus Lindberg mastered the record in Sweden at Redmount Studio.

Visit your local retailer or purchase physical editions, including an exclusive black and bone vinyl variant, or stream/download ‘We Poison Their Young’ HERE https://lnk.to/wepoisontheiryoung

KARRAS formed in 2017 and were named as an ode to the life and death of Father Damian Karras from the cult horror film, The Exorcist. The trio are as equally compelling, sinister and evolving as the popular movie delivering a mix of punk-crust, grindcore and old-school death metal. KARRAS made quite an impression on the European scene with 2020’s debut, ‘None More Heretic’ (Verycords). That and the forthcoming follow-up are intense displays of the band’s effort to resurrect Father Karras’ legacy and to give him a second chance but moreso to deliver a deafening way of reasoning.

Upcoming Live Show
10/21 – Tyrant Fest – Chemin du Tordoir, France


Karras is:
Diego Janson – vocals & bass
Yann Heurtaux – guitars
Etienne Sarthou- drums

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