Kataklysm “Of Ghosts And Gods” review

Kataklysm “Of Ghosts And Gods” review

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Kataklysm - Of Ghosts And Gods - Artwork (Копировать) Kataklysm “Of Ghosts And Gods”
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What the hell going on this year?! 2015 looks like purest form of they year of cult bands! Just look back – we have got tons of greatest albums from the old bands! All of them are great and just fantastic! Plus there will follow albums from Fear Factory, Slayer, W.A.S.P. etc etc, and I’m sure all of them will be awesome! Ok, now we speaking about Canadian cult death metal band Kataklysm and their latest effort, called “Of Ghosts And Gods”. Since very start album sounds slow and massive at the same time, but, after several second when first song will play – you’ll be killed by typical and massive death metal! Then, from the very start and up to the end album sounds fucking catching, truly death metallic and really massive. The album filled with great parts, you’ll meet there both slow and kick ass fast rhythms, angry vocals and awesome rhythm-section, consisting with shredding guitars and mad fast drumming. “Of Ghosts And Gods” have really brilliant sound, and music comes with both aggressive and melodic parts, and to the fact – those are awesome melodic parts, they not sounds shitty modern and boring, but just impressive and memorable, and it was great when melodic parts were changed by fast and aggressive ones. You also may know there are a new drummer since last year in line-up, Olivier Beaudoin, and, I must say he is worth man, because his work is great for sure, his playing is sure, massive and correct. “Of Ghosts And Gods” seems to be the best Melodic Death Metal album of 2015, I’m sure! And, again – really great to listen to awesome album from an old band. Kataklysm is alive and still kills! I like the entire album, but my favorite song over here is “Hate Spirit”! Why? I do not know, I can say just – this song left deeply inside my memory!


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