KATAKLYSM posted teaser for “Marching Through Graveyards”

KATAKLYSM posted teaser for “Marching Through Graveyards”

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KATAKLYSM are back – like a train that can’t stop its raging momentum.
With the completion of their twelfth studio album, »Of Ghosts And Gods«, the band is prepared to unleash an aural
assault of the best kind among the masses.

Today, the band release a new teaser of the video clip of “Marching Through Graveyards” from the upcoming masterpiece.

Mastermind Maurizio states:

“The time has come once again, KATAKLYSM on our 12th studio album and still going strong , we are very proud of this record, it holds the best elements
of the bands career and a completely new vibe and fresh outlook on death metal in 2015, “Thy Serpents Tongue” is the first taste, a sinister dark and
groove but melodic track that when it bites you, the poison will take you in and make you travel to the other side, horns up!”


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