KING FEAR – Special album edition + video

KING FEAR – Special album edition + video

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On Friday, February 6th the German Black Metal Band KING FEAR (feat. Nachtgarmof NEGATOR & ex DARK FUNERAL) will release something really special:

The ltd Brazilian edition of their album “Frostbite” (2013) – featuring the entire album + the debut EP as bonustracks!

!Only 30 copies available in Europe!

The tracklist runs as follows:

  1. Conquering The Useless
  2. Death Zone
  3. Frostbite
  4. Immortalized
  5. The Wickedest Man
  6. Black Gravel
  7. Empires Aloft
  8. Re-Conquering The UselessBonustracks:
  9. The King (Of All Fears)
  10. The Sun Of Days Gone By
  11. Battle Is Over…War Has Begun
  12. His Disciple: The Legions March
  13. I Found A Better Place (Under Constraint)

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