KRISIUN “Forged In Fury” review

KRISIUN “Forged In Fury” review

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KRISIUN “Forged In Fury”
Century Media records

Hell yeah! Four long years has been passed after latest Krisiun’ albums, and now, we have completely new album from these Brazilian Satanic death metal horde! Nine tracks + outro, Around 52 minutes of sounds! The entire album sounds in one breath, each song is something like proper continuation of previous ones. Of course, musicianship is awesome, all played correct and sounds massive. To be honest, I have heard ALL I wanted to hear from “Forged In Fury”, i.e. I wanted to head there real death metal, enough tehcnical, but mostly catching, beating and pressing, and I got it all! Album is really made with all good death metal means; first of all – here weren’t anything from those boring tunes and rhythms, but only straight-forward madness. The songs comes with huge dose of death metal brutality, sounds merciless and uncompromissing. You’ll be also pleased by all those tempo-changes, really heavy bass parts and sickest drumming (sounds really impressive when those fat bass likes crossing with the massive yet sick drumming, argh!); guitar solos sounds catching as well, they are typically fast and sick, vocal sounds very well as well. Krisiun had always interesting ideas, and this time they brought to us another part of really dark and killer death metal, rough, massive, technical and veryveryvery catching! “Forged In Fury” – album title really the same like music on the album, really forged in fury, with putting that fury into the music! Hail Krisiun! And what about YOU, are you ready to be molested by death metal madness?


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