Lyric video: Follow The Cipher ”The Pioneer”

Lyric video: Follow The Cipher ”The Pioneer”

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Sweden’s Follow The Cipher releases a new lyric video for their new single, ”The Pioneer”.

Guitarist Ken Kängström states: The Pioneer is the story of a soldier waking up in a dark desert, bound to a journey seeking the bright light of the sun. The only way for him to redeem his sins is to find the rising star. This is a metaphor for learning from your own mistakes and faults in life, and learning to be a better person — a story that I think every single person can relate to. And for now, we are happy to say that we are writing the next album, and we are more excited than ever before. If you liked our first album, you will love this.

Follow The Cipher is working on its sophomore album, the follow-up to the band’s self-titled debut.


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