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Mammoth StormIn 2003, the Swedish Gothic/Doom-sextet Draconian found its home at Napalm Records. Over a decade later, and in natural progression, Napalm has also secured a home for the juvenile new band and brainchild of Draconian guitarist Daniel Arvidsson, Mammoth Storm. Following up the band’s self-released debut EP, Rite Of Ascension (2014), Fornjot, the band’s full length debut, set to be released November 6th 2015, draws its name from the ancient Norse mythology: Fornjotr, a giant and ruler of Finland, Kvenland and Gotland. This sublime elemental force is acoustically transcribed on Fornjot, with its energetic, almost elegiac pieces, and the visualization of Arvidsson, standing high on cliffs, with solid rocks bursting and commanding the wind and seas as well.

Mammoth Storm have just unveiled a lyric video for the album’s title track here:

On tour with AHAB this Fall:
29.10.15 DE – Elfer Club, Frankfurt am Main
30.10.15 DE – Jena / Kassablance
31.10.15 DE – Bambi Galore / Hamburg
01.11.15 DE – Köln / Underground
02.11.15 FR – Paris / Glazart
03.11.15 FR – Nantes / Le Ferailleur
05.11.15 FR – Colmar / Grillen
06.11.15 DE – Stuttgart / Club Cann
07.11.15 CH – Pratteln / Z 7
08.11.15 DE – Heidelberg / Schwimmbad Club

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