Review: Miasmal “Tides Of Omniscience”

Review: Miasmal “Tides Of Omniscience”

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miasmalMiasmal “Tides Of Omniscience”
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Sweden has a long history of some of the most memorable and punishing death metal ever made from Entombed and Dismember to Carnage, Grave and At The Gates and it goes without saying that Miasmal are a band that continues that brutal lineage and their new album Tides Of Omniscience is no exception.

From the opening notes off first track Axiom, it is clearly obvious that Miasmal are not messing about and this song is a grooving maelstrom of fury that knocks anything in its path straight out of the way, this blistering opening is followed by the equally scathing Decepetion and this carries on for the duration of the album, with each track seemingly usurping the previous one when it comes to speed, groove and deathly heaviness.

The band don’t let up for a second on Tides Of Omniscience and even when swathes of melody emerge into their savage sound and the speed slows down (such as on the gargatuan The Pilgramage and also on the monolith that is Perseverance) it is done with an epic heaviness  that enhances the bands vitriolic noise and shows the supremely talented playing in the band, something that is showcased all the way through the album.

The key track on the album has to be Venomous Harvest, a sub three minute blast that showcases Miasmals brand of death metal at its most brazen and vital and elsewhere, songs such as Earthbound and the frenetic Dark Waters show signs of diversity with both tracks adding a heavy groove to proceedings and by the time Tides Of Omniscience ends with the storming Fear The New Flesh and The Shifting Of New Stars you take a deep breath and come to realise the harsh devastation of what you have just listened to

Rather than being a stagnant copy of what has gone on before them as many bands have done in the past, Miasmal are doing things their own way and are breathing new life into the legendary fetid corpse of Swedish Death Metal in a vital fashion.


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