MUNICIPAL WASTE discuss the engineering of “Slime And Punishment”

MUNICIPAL WASTE discuss the engineering of “Slime And Punishment”

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Phil and Tony discuss the engineering of the album.

Phil “Landphil” Hall comments about engineering,

“Instead of being at the mercy of another engineer, I can just get the music done in a way that I want to get it done. I think that it is a very good decision for anyone out that’s interested in being in a band to try and learn how to use the recording technology that is available out there. It is much easier to get into than you think. As an artist, you are afforded a lot more possibilities with your music once you have a good understanding of tracking and how audio engineering works.”

Last Friday, Richmond, Virginia’s MUNICIPAL WASTE unleashed their latest piece of toxic detritus, »Slime And Punishment«, via Nuclear Blast Records.

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