Nightwish “Élan” review

Nightwish “Élan” review

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Nightwish “Élan

Nuclear Blast Records

Famous Nightwish came here with new EP, called “Elan”, it consints with four tracks, three from them are different versions of “Elan” and just one another song – “Sagan”. So, I’ll be more than clear in this review. I was NEVER fan of Nightwish, I even NEVER listen to them more than “playing somewhere”, and it was pretty interesting for me how I’ll evaluate this stuff from famous band, which I never was a fan. And, do you know what the feelings I got while even very first listening? Hehe, I was enjoyed by stuff… I do not know how will sound their new full-length album, but I like this single. First of all, here is not some gothic metal, but here is pretty good symphonic metal music with some epic atmosphere, deep sound and even enough of atmospheric, catching tunes in its structure. Plus I have found some semi-folklore approach (Celtic ones), which has remind me, do you know what? – Blackmore’s Night! Really, sometimes we can really hear music like some faster version of Blackmore’s Night! Maybe this thing pleased me much? I do not know, and I really do not care if it’s so or no. These two songs (yes, I write two, ‘coz other two are just another versions of self-titled song) sounds enough catching and memorable, and you can really listen to them again and again, they are not boring, comes with pretty intelligent compositions, so to say – colors, plus add great vocals of Floor Jansen, and you’ll get just amazing “picture”.

In the end I can’s say if “Elan” best or worst album of Nightwish, but I can assure you – if you like symphonic metal/rock music with brilliant female voice – “Elan” should be llistened by you.

And one thing – second track – “Sagan” will not be included into upcoming album! So, you may have both single and album for your collection.


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