No Raza (Death metal since 1997) official song streaming

No Raza (Death metal since 1997) official song streaming

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NO RAZA is a death metal band, formed in 1997 in the town of Bello – Antioquia (Colombia – South America).

Its ideology is based on social and political issues that make us reflect, with great technique and characteristic rhythms evinces the pain of a sick world that demands justice and peace, to those who bring us under a power snatched from our hands.

Its amazing staging recreates the desolation of a world at war and the disposition to struggle of those who guard the truth to defend our ancestral cultures.

NO RAZA has shared stage with world known artists and has participated in major festivals.
With two internationals tours called ”misatropía México Tour 2013” and “When Chaos Reigns North American Tour 2014”.
Through the years it has become an icon for the South American Death Metal and one of the bands with the most international projection.

When Chaos Reigns (Full-Length 2014, re-released end of 2015) – Released in USA, Chile, Colombia, Moscow, Spain.
Misantropía (Full-Length 2012)
La Era de la Nada (Live Demo 2007)
Del Poder a la Muerte (Full-Length 2004)
Extorsión (Demo Casete 2000)

– Mexican Metal Invasion Chapter 4 (2015)
– Patria Extrema Vol 1 & 2 (2014 – 2015)
– Masacrando El Imperio Del Terror (Masacre Tribute) (2011)
– Chainsaw Magazine (lll Especial Bandas Colombianas) (2011)!/NoRazaOficial/

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