Of Fire interview (written by Carla Morton)

Of Fire interview (written by Carla Morton)

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After show I had the occasion to interview the Swedish Death metal Of Fire. With a strong line-up and a new album, they always show their best, The vocalist, Robin Joelsson, answered for me a few questions about the band and some other stuffs.

Hello Robin and welcome to Romania. How are you?
I’m great and thank you for having me here. It was the best show we ever had, so I’m feeling great.

Tell me when Of Fire was founded.
It was founded in August 2011, but me and Jonathan, the guitarist, we’ve been pinned togheter and then we found each other again in music and we thought to get back play again and hehe, here we are.

The debut album was released last year entitled ‘’Carnage Fever’’. Tell me about it.
Yeah, we contacted Tomas Skogsberg and sending the demo tapes and he really liked what we did, he liked the music so much that we wanted to do a full album with us. It was avery long journey, lots of struggles along the way and so we decided to make a full album, some problems came up, we delayed the album almost one year, but you know is the result counted, very happy with the album.

What are the lyrical themes?
Is all old school nothing too serious, is about dark thoughts and demons, gore, we are nature lovers and we love animals, we create mix about animals that are told as in stories to be monsters but they are just animals and that’s what drives me to lyrics.

Are you preparing for a new album soon?
Yes we are, we are going to the studio this autumn to record a new full album and I’m really stocked about that?

What are the band’s influences?
Our influences are to do what we do the best, not to follow anything but we go on old school Death metal.

Are there more shows confirmed for this year?
We are going to Hungary tomorrow and then to Slovakia and then to Czech Republic and then the tour ends, we go home with our families, enjoy the forests, maybe doing some hiking you know.

Is it your first time playing in Romania and tell me how do you feel about it?
Yes, we started the tour here and then we went to Bulgaria and we got back here and it’s all what people said about Romania, the people are really dedicated so I enjoyed the dedication from here, best part of it.

Do you have a message for Of Fire fans?
Stay true to the scene, support the bands!

Thank you Robin,c heers and have a great time on this tour.
Thank you very much!


(c) Carla Morton

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