Omega Diatribe Metal band presentation + stream

Omega Diatribe Metal band presentation + stream

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od_logo_white [800] Please introduce yourself.
Yo! We’re Omega Diatribe from Budapest, Hungary. Do not hesitate to check out the band if you love the heavy grooves!

When your band was created?
The band was formed in 2008 by Gergő Hájer (guitar) and Ákos mSzathmáry (bass).

What the style do you play?
Extreme Groove Metal.

How could you describe your music by several words?
We bring some crazy polyrhythmic elements with killer grooves, chuggy guitars and psychedelic atmosphere.

What is the main theme of your lyrics?
We work with such an abstract lyrics. We’re also wondering about the outer world, inner­self and society’s faults too.

What would you like to achieve with the band activity?
We want to spread our music as far as we can and play live shows wherever we can.

How many gigs you have played so far and maybe you visit another countries with concerts?
We had 60 shows so far and it’s still counting…

Is there anything very important about your band what SHOULD know fans and labels?
Our band is a really strong family, we know each other well and we can get through any problems. We work hard everyday on the band’s stuff.

What the formats you would like to see your releases, CD, Vinyl, Tape…? And how do you see future of physical releases?
We’re oldschool mentality guys so the physical music releases is still important for us! We’re huge vinyl and CD fans. The CD format is sadly dying, but Vinyl is getting more and more popular nowdays, which is cool!

When you will get label deal, would you like to help to the label with promotion from your side, or you want label do all without your help?
Most of the things what we achieved so far is DIY thing. So, we love to promote our stuffs but If anyone can help for us, we’ll be thankful.

What’s your reaction towards negative opinions about your music?
Fortunately, most of the reactions are positive. If we’ve got some negative response it’s becouse the listener absolutely does not like this style of crazy music. Our style is a subgenre in metal so I’m not surprised if it’s not fit for all the metal heads.

And last question, how do you like our webzine, do you have some remarks towards its look or functionality?
It’s crazy man… I found the site a few days ago and I just love the function of the site. I also respect the fact that you support underground bands all over the world. Cheers

Omega_Diatribe [800]Omega Diatribe was formed in 2008 by guitarist Gergő Hájer and bassist Ákos Szathmáry. Omega Diatribe released their debut album, IAPETUS, on October 21, 2013. It was mixed and mastered by the band’s guitarist, Gergő Hájer. After releasing IAPETUS, the band got more attention worldwide. The album finished on the second place of ‘The year best debut album’ vote by the Hungarian HangSúly Music Awards. The band split with their drummer Dávid Metzger. Omega Diatribe released a new song “Hydrozoan Periods” on June 16, 2014, featuring the american drummer Kevin Talley. On February 26, 2015, they released their new EP Abstract Ritual, featuring Kevin Talley on drums.

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