Onkel Tom to release new album in September

Onkel Tom to release new album in September

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New album Bier Ernst by Onkel Tom will be out on 28th of September 2018.

His fans have been celebrating his current EP Zwischen Emscher & Lippe since mid-June. Now Ruhr rock icon Onkel Tom has announced the benchmark data of his latest album: Bier Ernst will be out on 28 September 2018 and consists of 21(!) tracks on two CDs, titled – in accordance with their lyrical content – respectively Bier and Ernst. The recording will be available on SPV/Steamhammer on DigiPak double CD, double vinyl LP (Gatefold) and for digital download. As hinted on ‘Zwischen Emscher & Lippe’, Onkel Tom a.k.a. Tom Angelripper (Sodom) presents himself on Bier Ernst more diverse and autonomous than ever before: Along with rock versions of the popular drinking and party ditties that Onkel Tom and his band are renowned for, Tom and his four comrades-in-arms – drummer Cornelius Rambadt, guitarists Marcel Mönnig and Klaus Nicodem, and bassist Marc Beste – have recorded a dozen original numbers.

Tom reveals what his fans can look forward to: The title track of our recent EP and eight additional numbers on the Ernst CD present the band from a slightly different perspective. They’re songs full of passion for music, but of course also full of anger about people’s indifference that’s bound to destroy the world. Naturally it will also feature the new hit single, which will be supported by a very elaborate video clip. Get ready to be surprised! But don’t worry: the twelve songs on the Bier CD celebrate life, having a good time and sophisticated drinking. Our fans can rest assured that we’re as thirsty as ever and that we will quench that thirst with them at our shows.” 


CD1 Bier

1. Ich steh’ an der Bar und ich habe kein Geld 2:12

2. Flasche zu Flasche 4:26

3. Wir trinken wenig 3:05

4. Bier, Bier, Bier ist die Seele vom Klavier 2:09

5. Durst ist schlimmer als Heimweh 3:53

6. Hätten wir lieber das Geld vergraben… 3:11

7. Was sind wir Männer doch für’n lustiger Verein 3:03

8. Jacky Cola 3:54

9. Durst wird duch Bier erst schön 1:58

10. Trunkenbold 2:48

11. Bier, Bier, Bier 3:02

12. Prost 1:11 

CD2 Ernst

1. Ich finde nur Metal geil 5:19

2. Todgeweiht 3:45

3. Ich muss hier raus 3:44

4. Egal 4:16

5. Von Arschlöchern für Arschlöcher 5:05

6. Zwischen Emscher & Lippe 05:45

7. Auf dünnem Eis 3:24

8. Das blaue Buch des Lebens 3:44

9. Polizisten 04:28

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