Ordo Caper – Releases first professional EP

Ordo Caper – Releases first professional EP

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Ordo Caper (Death Metal) – Releases first professional EP. (please re send to people in the media/press)
Label? EP “Haspu” recently reseleased in Brasil by Nyarlathotep Récords, official selling point: Nightfall Distro can also be found in Costa Rica in Legacy, Subterranean Metal Shop and Insomnio.

After the Demo “Sonus Satus” Ordo Caper annihilates with this heavier, dense and weird production.
“EP Haspu” was originally released in Costa Rica by Nightfall label and distro, Viceral Vomit Recs and HellEurope prods.

Origin: Occult Death Metal created in 2010 by C. Leandro Alcázar, influences by the Old Gods of Black Death Metal: Beherit, Possessed, Blasphemy, Archgoat, Sadistik Execution, Sarcofago etc.


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