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Avulsed “Ritual Zombi”
Xtreem Music

The latest album from Spain’s death metal band, Avulsed is a fun and brutal album to listen to. With an album title like “Ritual Zombie” it is very clear that this album is about zombies with a lot of gore, killing and mutilations. Over the years Avulsed developed their own style and it really shows on “Ritual Zombie”. The 13 songs on the album are bloody with a good mixture of old school elements, melodic parts and just insane brutality. There is a raw old school death metal feeling on “Ritual Zombie” that I found very pleasing. The sound and production on the album is outstanding and you can clearly hear every instrument. The standout vocals from Dave Rotten are just disgusting and very gory as it should be. The artwork is disturbing, bloody and just freaking amazing!!! There are some really funny songs on “Ritual Zombie” like “Zompiro” and “Cannivegan Corpse”. “Zompiro” is a song about zombies that turned into rotten vampires and “Cannivegan Corpse” is a song about a vegetarian zombie which eats vegetarians (hahahaha). The song “Horrified by Repulsion” is a very informative song. It is about a guy that was playing the Repulsion record in his basement and zombies broke in and thanks to the record it destroyed their heads. Now if only the cast in “The Walking Dead” knew about this they could save their lives and civilization. The cover song “Zombie Ritual” from Death is very good executed and I know for sure that Chuck Schuldiner is very proud of this cover. “Ritual Zombie” is almost an hour of brutality with nasty riffs, bloody solos, torturing bass, devastating drumming with hellish vocals and if you still don’t have this record in your collection you should be ashamed of yourself. Also be sure to have the record “Horrified” from Repulsion in your collection for the zombie outbreak that will happen in the near future.


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