PROFANE ELEGY Drops Official Lyric Video For “The Devouring Veil”

PROFANE ELEGY Drops Official Lyric Video For “The Devouring Veil”

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To celebrate the release of their debut EP last month, Profane Elegy has released a lyric video for ‘The Devouring Veil’. A vicious song that pulls no punches, it is a searing indictment of false virtue. Vocalist Mikael L says

‘We chose this song for our first lyric video because it has a very relevant message for the times we live in. Our vapid culture is beguiled by performative morality everywhere you look. Humanity has an innate desire for power and words like kindness, empathy, and justice are often nothing more than tools used in that pursuit. This song is a condemnation.’

Watch ‘The Devouring Veil’ here:

Formed in December 2021 deep in the woods of Pennsylvania, Profane Elegy is the creation of multi-instrumentalist J. Gulick and vocalist/lyricist Mikael L. Melodic and atmospheric in nature, this is a style of Black Metal that refuses to be bound by the conventions of the genre. Drawing on a vast array of influences they infuse elements of Progressive and Doom Metal in an unmistakably Black Metal brew. Their debut EP ‘When All Is Nothing’ was released independently on June 1st 2023 with Doom Heart praising the eclectic mix of “furious atmospheric Black Metal, to fantastic slow blackened Doom” and calling it overall “a massive Doom delight”. With their inaugural release behind them, Profane Elegy continues down the left hand path with a full-length release planned for 2024. When asked for comment on the follow-up Mikael L stated “we will continue crafting hymns to the darkness. The darkness of life, the darkness of man, and the darkness of God”.

Mikael L.: Vocals, Lyrics
J. Gulick: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
James Applegate: Session Drums

Ben Karas: Mix/Mastering
Christophe Szpajdel: Logo Design
Vladimir Chebakov: Album Art

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