Protector “Cursed and Coronated” review (by Droll)

Protector “Cursed and Coronated” review (by Droll)

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Protector “Cursed and Coronated”
High Roller Records

When a band releases an album after a long silence or break-up and re-union you always take it in your hand apprehensively. First of all the listener have changed. He likes something else. And not the fact, that the album will cause even some nostalgic feelings. Secondly, the band itself often can’t make the same music as before. Not technically, but emotionally. It wouldn’t be catchy. Alas, that’s what happens in most cases. But there are some nice exceptions.

Protector is an German thrash/death old school representative, along with Kreator, Sodom and Destruction. The band has come a long and thorny path, broke up, but suddenly in 2013 appears a faint hope: Reanimated Homunculus album. It took good feedbacks, and inspired by them, as it seems to be, the band started to work on some new material. To present a new creature of reanimated Protector: Cursed and Coronated.

Cursed and Coronated are three released tracks, that can be heard in various split-albums and demos, and seven absolutely new songs. With an Intro, from which, perhaps, we’ll begin.

Dark and sinister intro, with repetitive singsong words and screams in the background, along with a cover and a bright red pentagram in the logo, perfectly adjusts to the desired mood. Right after it – brain-blow and teeth-crushing “Xenophobia”. Here we got all the Protector’s best: heavy riffs, fast-changing rhythmic patterns, great drums with blast-beats and harsh thrash vocals. The best can old school thrash can offer.

An album is very smooth (for its genre, of course), so it’s seems a quite hard to pick out a single song. Or to tell about any song separately, or colligate. Probably, it’s a main risk of an album: it will be catchy for fans, or not. Although there are many thrash fans nowadays, and this is great.

Also there are three bonus-tracks, recorded live at Dresden three years ago. One of them is “Protector of Death” from their first album Golem, released in far 1988 (the song itself was recorded in 1986 for the band’s first demo-tape). The band sounds cheerfully and well in live, and it’s gladden.

Protector is like an old German huge tank. There aren’t some new technologies, everything is extremely simple, clear and reliable. It will run over the listener with its rusty caterpillars labeled “Cursed and Coronated” and crush him down with all its heaviness. I don’t know if it stays there, but it will leave a deep dent.

Cursed and Coronated will be released in February, 26.

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