Psychomancer “Inject the Worms” review

Psychomancer “Inject the Worms” review

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Psychomancer “Inject the Worms”
Orchestrated Misery Recordings

Once I have got this stuff I thought “Psychomancer – pretty known for me title, where the hell I have heard them?”, and yeah, really, I remember this band because their albums from 2001 and 2007, which I have in my collection and yes, I like those albums. So, let’s go to check what these Americans are able present to the listeners! “Inject the Worms” is the first EP after several years of hiatus, so looks like this is some kind of warming-up before the full length massacre. Well, there are just six tracks here, and these six tracks are kick ass! Pressing old-school death metal, with completely standard and just correct tunes, with both fast and mid tempos, typical old-fashioned guitar tunes, catching sound, massive drumming and the same massive and hateful roars! Also I could admit an atmosphere, which is absolutely dark and obscure, so I can dare to say Psychomancer plays some kind of old-school bestial, hellish death metal, not so reach for melodies and chords, but deeply pressing and at the same time catching. I’ll wait for the full length, I’m sure there will be total hell! But now we have enough worth resurrection!


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