Putrefaxion “Mecanismos de Autodestruccion” review

Putrefaxion “Mecanismos de Autodestruccion” review

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Putrefaxion Putrefaxion “Mecanismos de Autodestruccion”

I coulnd’t miss this EP, in spite it was released more than one year ago, just because this band from far Uruguay worth to be supported, because this is their very forst EP, with two songs just, but it really kick ass, so I HOPE they will record full-length album ASAP, and all the fans into old-school death metal will be pleased! Putrefaxion plays old-school death metal, with typical thrash metal touches in it’s structure. Here is killing, vortex walls of sounds, raging guitars, angry roars and good tempo-changes; the music sounds enough reach, with all rhythms, crushing drumming and grinding guitars. Sometimes their music reminds bands like Pestilence, real Sepultura, Massacre and Death. If they take massiveness and brutality from Pestilence, Sepultura and Massacre, they take really great thing from Death – guitar solos! Yeah, guitar solos here are just freezing and sounds like on second decade of Death! Also, once first songs started play, I thought here is some song from “Leprosy” I have never heard before, hehe, but when first part of song ended, there started another music. All in all – we must support Putrefaxion by the whole death metal world. Old-school death-thrashing madness, with both technical and straight-forward rhythms!


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