REINCARNATION advance song premiere and album details

REINCARNATION advance song premiere and album details

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reincJust when you thought that 2015 was slipping away leaving only one good Brutal Death album from one of the big names (only SKINLESS, but nothing from SUFFOCATION, PYREXIA, DYING FETUS, DEVOURMENT…), the long awaited comeback album from one of Europe’s most veteran and Brutal Death Metal acts REINCARNATION is here to destroy you all!!

“The Beginning of the End” comes 18 years after their acclaimed debut “Void” from 1997 on Xtreem Music’s former label Repulse Rec., and shows a much more mature band, still sounding in the good old tradition of 90’s Brutal Death Metal bands, keeping all that spirit intact and not needing to turn into the Deathcore trend, proving what’s the real deal!! All lovers of true 90’s Brutal Death in the vein of SUFFOCATION, PYREXIA, SKELETON OF GOD, INTERNAL BLEEDING… will for sure worship this new REINCARNATION album as one of 2015’s Brutal Death highlight!!

Album cover for “The Beginning of the End” was painted by genius Jeff Kahn, vocalist & guitarist in SKELETON OF GOD, who rarely does artwork for anybody and whilst the production of the album was handled by the band, mastering was made by Dave Rotten at his own Sanctuary Studios. REINCARNATION are finishing a video-clip for the opening track “The Streets Never Sleep” to be premiered in a couple of weeks!!

Tracklist for for “The Beginning of the End” is as follows:
1. Intro
2. The Streets Never Sleep
3. Hell Over Hell
4. The Beginning of the End
5. Reincarnation
6. Tattooing Soul
7. The Reflection of Hate
8. Fuck the System
9. Memories of a Lifetime

Release date for “The Beginning of the End” is set for 1sth of December through Xtreem Music.

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