Revealing The Conscience interview (written by Carla Morton)

Revealing The Conscience interview (written by Carla Morton)

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Revealing The Conscience is a Melodic metal band from Slovakia. Here is an interview with Juraj, one of the band members.
Hi Juraj, how are you?
Hi, I am fine, thank you! On the road right now and weather is not that pleasurable today so I feel a bit sleepy. But otherwise everything else is fine.

Tell me when Revealing The Conscience was formed.
We founded Revealing The Conscience at the beginning of the year 2011, as Oskar with Maros were trying to find some people to form a new band. Both guys played in other project before but after its split they wanted to move onward. That’s why they spoke to me, ‘cause with the new project they really wanted to put the accent on melody, thus their wish was to have keyboard involved in the band. I was happy about that fact and this was the time we created Revealing the Conscience and started rehearsing. After a while Dodo joined the band, and one year later we finally managed to stabilize the post of second guitarist with Simon and last year David appeared with a big fancy for playing the bass and become a regular member of the band.

”Time Will Reveal” is the band’s first debut album released this year. What can you tell me about it?
The album was recorded in Italy in MathLab Recording Studio, where Jonathan Mazzeo and Lorenzo Guddemi did a perfect job. They did a lot for us and for the good result. Moreover, the album was mastered in Finnvox by the mastering wizard Mika Jussila. We all have been working very hard from the last year’s summer to prepare a compilation, which would make us satisfied, happy and proud. I dare to say, we were successful with this. “Time Will Reveal” consists of 10 regular songs and intro. There is everything in you could wish for a balanced album: power, a heap of emotions and energy, we can roll you down with aggressive riffs and make you wanna sing along with the melodic parts. We all put a big part of us into the album and this fact gives it a huge advantage – its own atmosphere. We are revealing our conscience…

Did you receive good reviews about the album?
Oh yes, there are a couple of reviews so far and all were perfect. Let me mention just one for all – we got for instance an amazing review from, it was 10 out of 10. This makes us very happy and I hope fans and music lovers will welcome the album at least as heartily and good as Metal Temple. And not to mention that we are enjoying also very positive feedback in our local environment.

Are there some shows confirmed for this year?
We are trying to manage our gig calendar during those days. It is quite hard, anyway. I hope we are able to prepare a show in our home city Nitra, where we want to promote our new album for the first time in this official way. On this occasion we would like to treat and honour people who are standing by us and supporting us tirelessly since the very beginning. There are also some negotiations concerning some summer festivals and right after that we will think further and will try to schedule and confirm as many gigs as possible. We are looking forward to this as we love playing live. And I have to say that meanwhile there are plans for shooting our first official video ever.

What are the lyrical themes?
Our lyrics are all about what the name of the band signifies: it is all about conscience, its depth, its inner life. A human always deals with his conscience and it puts him into a tension and this tension reflects then in how the human acts. The songs accentuate an evolution within and things which are being done to be able to fall asleep after every single day. You know, sometimes a human person needs the feelings to be told aloud in order to win control over them instead of to be controlled by them. So in the songs you can find the themes like inner strife, personal salvation, fate, battle between the good and the bad in a human, love and disappointment, relationship to other people as well as relationship to yourself… It is like a public interrogating of our conscience.

Did you start working on new materials?
We are always trying to think up something new. Not only when needed. It is our way of rehearsing – if anybody of us has any idea, he feels free to confront it with other guys, instead of speaking we are playing and this is our way of spontaneous composing. Of course, except this manner we always have something prepared and so have we now as well. Hence we can say that we never stop working on new material.

A message for the fans?
We love our fans and it is great to feel the energy we get from them, regardless of the fact if on stage or out of it. It will be lovely as well when our debut album makes us many new fans. All of us would highly appreciate if we see new faces (and new places) during gigs. Our music hearts are big enough and can take many fans in! It will be a big pleasure to see you live on some of our live shows. Let’s reveal our conscience together!

Thank you Juraj. Cheers.
I thank you! It was nice to talk to you. Cheers!

(с) Carla Morton

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