Review: Acârash “Descend to Purity” [Dark Essence Records]

Review: Acârash “Descend to Purity” [Dark Essence Records]

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Acârash unleash their electric blend of styles upon an unsuspecting world once again with their newest release, Descend to Purity. With one foot firmly immersed in the murky water of heavy metal’s roots and another stomping it’s way through the frosty forests of darkest Norway, this Oslo based quartet render a sound that is at uniquely their own, simultaneously familiar and refreshingly new.

Acârash have forged a distinctive sound in the fires of metal, combining the classic feel of early Sabbath tracks with the white hot fury of the blackened Norwegian scene. Being only their second full length release, Descend to Purity, is all the more impressive for the authority with which it presents itself. Storming out with the confidence of a much more experienced group, Acârash demand to be heard, and for good reason.

The riffs presented here on Descend to Purity are at once a bubbly good time and deathly grim. Almost like a blackened stoner group. It’s a refreshing mix that is honestly shocking in its rarity. It’s the sound that I was disappointed not to hear when first discovering Ghost.

Songs like Red Stone Betrayal perfectly blend the icey cold metal of the north with the slowly bubbling grooves born of the English countryside. The styles mesh perfectly together filling the listener with a distinctive sense of doom while offering up a lot more energy than the standard classic doom fair. Satanic Obsession is a close to perfect thesis statement for the band, with classic grooves tag teaming black metal chaos for a continuously shifting metal assault.

Acârash is a band certainly a band to keep an eye on. Forming a true black metal sound into an easily to swallow pill is not an easy task, but on Descend top Purity, I think the formula has been found.

Release date: May 29, 2020

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