Review: ACID MAMMOTH “Under Acid Hoof” [Heavy Psych Sounds]

Review: ACID MAMMOTH “Under Acid Hoof” [Heavy Psych Sounds]

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Athens stoner kings, Acid Mammoth, sow the seeds of their delectable brand of doom with Under Acid Hoof. A quality romp through tripped out atmospheres and heavyweight riffs, this is a far out album for far out metalheads.

Low and slow as ever, Under Acid Hoof shows off the best of the stoner doom genre, with fuzzy guitars and pounding beats. Deep grooves accentuate trippy leads and hypnotic vocals. Not unlike the hard rockers of yesteryear, Acid Mammoth takes inspiration from fantasy realms and uses the dynamic shifts of hard and heavy rock to light and airy space to tell a story.

While not an especially varied release, Acid Mammoth do what they do very well, and at only thirty five minutes, Under Acid Hoof leaves little to be desired. Taking great influence from bands like Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard, the slow and heavy yet spaced out grooves are very familiar, but unique enough to warrant a place amongst an increasingly saturated scene.

The effect laden vocal delivery is of special interest, with the effects crafting a very wet and saturated sound. The result is hypnotizing and grabs the listener, demanding their attention. Used very much as an instrument in it’s own right, the vocal section of the album stands well against the soaring goat rock of the album’s other leads.

Standout tracks include the epic Tree of Woe, with its many sections coming together into a psychedelic masterpiece in these modern days of the genre. The epic feeling is present in all tales on the album. It’s really what Acid Mammoth does best here. Every track feels like an event. The sound is enormous, and the spacious atmospheres lend themselves to an aura of significance. This is compelling music that demands yoke listeners all in the listening experience.

Utilizing a sound that combines earth shaking, Sabbath inspired riffs with grooved out psychedelic passages, Acid Mammoth takes listeners on a trip through time, touching on themes and feelings all throughout the spectrum of our minds and beyond. If you’re in the mood for a spaced out riff fest, then this is certainly the album for you.

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