Review: APPICE “Sinister”

Review: APPICE “Sinister”

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APPICE “Sinister”
Steamhammer / SPV

Appice is the first studio album to feature both Appice brothers, Carmine and Vinnie, working together with a bunch of other musicians.

I took this album without hearing a single song, mainly as younger brother Vinny has played drums on some of my favourite albums of all time, including Sabbath’s Mob Rules and a plethora of Dio classics. Older brother Carmine has played with everyone from Ozzy to Rod Stewart.

So what will an album created by two drum legends sound like?

Probably not what you’d expect. The drumming of course, is superb, but this is an album of proper songs, with an 80 Hard Rock feel to it…

Guests include guitarists, Craig Goldy and Bumblefoot, bassists, Tony Franklin and Phil Soussan, plus a number of vocalists including Robin McAuley and ex-Quiet Riot/ Rough Cutt frontman, Paul Shortino, who kicks things off in fine style with the title track.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as there’s a stack of talented people on this album.

Without dissecting every song, if you like bands such as Dio, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Van Halen plus a slew of “hair bands” from the 80s, this album will appeal to you.It’s a slick, classy collection of songs and I don’t have a lowdown on the writing team, but man, they’ve really nailed that classic 80s vibe.

Now and then the brothers take centre stage, like on the self-explanatory, Drum Wars and also with Bros In Drums. But thankfully, this isn’t a self-indulgent album. You can clearly hear a different drummer in each speaker and the sound is fucking amazing. But they don’t over saturate the album with their talents. As I said earlier, this is an album of proper songs, not a major drumfest.

The finale is called Sabbath Mash… and before I heard a note, I expected a flit through a number of Sabbath tunes… and yep, we start with Iron Man (with some terrible vocals, unfortunately), which moves into a bad version of Paranoid, before moving into a very good rendition of the ending of War Pigs.

So a bit of a crappy way to end what is a rather magnificent album

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