Review: ARKONA “Vozrozhdenie”

Review: ARKONA “Vozrozhdenie”

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arkona_rusARKONA “Vozrozhdenie”
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It happens often that the first and sincerest albums were recorded not so properly, and the quality should be much better. Despite all love to the band as it is, there comes a moment when the old good album needs some fresh look.

Russian band Arkona releases their first album’s Vozrozhdenie (Rebirth) remastering. Since it first release in 2004 the band became much more popular, and they increased performance quality. So that was really good news for me that on November, 11 renewed Vozrozhdenie became reality.

2004 album has some weak sides, although I think it is one of the best in band’s discography. Among these disadvantages there are some dry sound, folk instruments parties played by keyboards and a little bit dirty record. But with this it’s very sublime, imbued with the spirit of Kievan Rus’ before Christianity and pure, magnificent hate to enemy invasions. So it’ll be very pity to lost some passages that came from very young hearts.

Fortunately, my fears were not fulfilled. In 2016 album the passion of its prototype is saved. In my opinion, all changes are done for good. Besides the bright sound, the album got new verges with folk instruments appearing. Masha ‘Scream’ singing now in that vocal parties, where singed Lesyar (invited vocalist from the band Nevid’) in 2004 album. Finally they got out reverberation that I so hate from recitative in a song “Vozrozhdenie”. Now you can hear the words much better, and mystery is not diminished.

Should I say that Masha is singing definitely the other way than in 2004?  Everybody could notice her grows and progress on previous albums. This is full-grown vocal: it has more folk color in a clean singing, extreme vocals became deeper. In a new album vocals and drums are heard better, melodic lines became more clearer.

Vozrozhdenie  is that album, that deserved such a quality renewal. And it remains to thank Gods that it happend. Because it is real pleasure to listen to variations on such long known themes.


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