Review: Ayat “Carry on, Carrion”

Review: Ayat “Carry on, Carrion”

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Ayat “Carry on, Carrion”
Moribund Records

Ok, a biography is supposed to give you information on the band… when the version you are given doubles up as a sales sheet, then I will call you out on some of the exaggerations:

  1. The most pissed off sounding Metal album ever
  2. Revolting cover art sure to please all Metal fans

I guess it’s aimed at 12 year olds.

So let’s cut through all the crap and discuss this like adults…

Ayat are from Beirut and they are a religious hating bunch that would probably get lynched in their homeland for making this album, especially as religion plays such an important factor on who can be Prime Minister, (it has to be a Sunni Muslim) and President (which has to be a Maronite Christian), for example.

Israel gets an equal pounding from the vicious Ayat tongue as well, so I guess no one is safe from these guys. In for a penny, in for a pound.

So moving on to the most pissed off sounding album ever etc… Don’t get me wrong, this album is toxic. It’s a pissed off maelstrom of Grinding Black Metal, soaked in Death Metal and driven forwards by a horde of bulldozers and steamrollers… Yes, it’ll flatten everyone in its way… but it’s no more angry, musically, than a load of other albums… it’s also actually really catchy… which is probably down to the Punk-ish attitude it has.

So we can all be angry, but have a good time doing it.

There are a few freaky moments from samples to spoken word intrusions, they just add to the mystery… because bar the song titles, such as Raw War (Beirut unveils her pussy once more) and The Pig Who Had Miraculously Been Spared Decomposition, I haven’t a clue what’s going on (bar them hating religion and most other people in their region).

No idea what the big deal about the cover is either. It looks like Shakespeare kissing a corpse… it might very well be something very different… but it ain’t offensive in the slightest.

So this doesn’t need any hype to sell it. One listen and you’ll either love it or hate it.

Personally, I love it. So listen to the track below, if you like it, fucking buy it…

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