Review: Azathoth Circle “Siajvo”

Review: Azathoth Circle “Siajvo”

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After a short break Azathoth Circle are back with their new release named Siajvo.

“Concise record Siajvo is an eschatological trip through emotional imprints. Our image is building and ruining the whole world around us and causes to search something beyond conscious, something that creates our fears, which always with us. This trip is fill of metaphorical flashes and various premonitions that will find their unique resemblance in the listeners’ thoughts (at least, we hope so),” describes the band this release and for those who already familiar with Azathoth Circle‘s music there isn’t something new here. The main theme of each album or EP was the depth of self-consciousness, where you immerse. It’s about fears and emotions, conscious or not.

However, the music has changed a lot. If we compare Siajvo with the debut album Across The Wounds, the new one is much more solid, more thoughtful and it’s deeper than its predecessors. On the debut LP the band was experimenting a lot, looking for directions and limits but here it is way more clear, while there is still a place for some experiments and something unusual. Another thing I want to mention is that most of the songs on Siajvo are in Ukrainian.

If I wanted to describe the music in two words, I’d choose “shamanism” and “darkness”. Slow, mesmerizing melodies transform into Groove Metal, whispering changes with clean vocals just to turn into some malicious roar and stop suddenly but only to start all of this once again. That’s all about “Mantra”, “Siajvo” and “Roots” (which was released as a single two years ago): these songs are solid and evil but also you can hear some melancholy in them from time to time.

“Shliah Na Mezhi” is more various: started as almost Dark Blues with some throat singing, it turns into Groove Metal too, keeping the heaviness and melody at the same time. “Asystole” with interesting bass intro goes to some mid-paced Melodic Metal with angry extreme vocals and suddenly with powerful clean ones, while guitar playing on “Mrii” is really memorable.

Nevertheless, I don’t think that Azathoth Circle will somehow stop with this release: their appetite for experimenting and the urge for something new can bring them to some unexpected results. But now they marked their direction of development (which can be also changed with the next album). Well, the more interesting will be to expect for the new releases, but until then – welcome to the darkness of your conciseness and fears.

Siajvo was released of October, 25.


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