Review BESTIAL DEFORM “…ad Leones” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review BESTIAL DEFORM “…ad Leones” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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That’s time for real veterans of Russian scene. Well, the truth is that we can call like that only one member of the band (Kirill Ulanenkov – guit, voc), but since BESTIAL DEFORM exists from 1990, with two-year long break between 1997 and 1999, than… Of course the band has quite many releases, but the most of them are demos, EPs and single. There were four full-lengths, also with so beautiful title “Stop the Christianity!”, but… Well, I’m sure that if guys would come from for example Holland, Germany or Sweden they’d have much richest discography! But they’re from Russia and there life isn’t easy. Bands can’t go to studio when they only want, be there as long as they want…

As I said B. D. was found in 1990, but if you think that they’re from Moscow than you’re very wrong. Their city is much youngest than capitol of Russia, but maybe even more beautiful (of course people from Moscow have a little other opinion about it, I guess), with more cohesive architecture… By the way, St. Petersburg was also capitol of the country in the past. Actually it was built just to be a capitol. Well, historical meaning of the city, its architecture, culture’s, sport’s meaning and so on is surely very interested. But we’re here to talk about Metal, first of all!

So “…ad Leones” is their 5th album. I never liked compare even releases of the same band, especially in meaning like3 “this album is better than previous”. Every demo, EP, full-length… is nothing more than reflection of current in some moment let’s call it: potential as well as inspiration. Anyway, “… ad Leones” is very technical album. It’s of course still Death Metal and rather this one in more brutal vein, but…  Riffs are mostly short and broken. They also change at the least moment sometimes. We haven’t here thin whistles, solos and such things, but if somebody can really listen to the music then she/he knows if something is or isn’t technically advanced. Except mentioned above Kirill Ulanenkov guitar play also Alexey Vesolov. It makes everything double complicated. Drummer, Anton Fedeha who’s back in the band since 2014, play in the same way. Of course he doesn’t play riffs… aahhahahahahaha… But his play is technical and even deliberately haywire.

Sometimes it can make impression of some kind of chaos. Even if it’s chaos, it’s organized chaos! Of course Dmitry Galkin isn’t worse than his buddies and also serves us broken style of playing. OH… I almost forgot to tell you that about vocals take care Kirill and sometimes Dmitry, but this second one I can hear rarely. However Kirill has very brutal growling.

Well, to be honest it’s not easy stuff to listen to, especially if somebody listens really carefully. This is, as I said, brutal as hell, but in the same time it can make somebody who likes “round” riffs and so on a little, at least, confused. I was always fan of playing like that (probably it’s coz I’m crazy… aahhahahahahaha…), so I’ll surely back to this album often, as well as I do with “Stop the Christianity!” I recommend this from deep of my infected by Metal heart!!!

(с) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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