Review: Bestialord “Law Of The Burning” [Symbol Of Domination]

Review: Bestialord “Law Of The Burning” [Symbol Of Domination]

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Bestialord is a doom metal band with a healthy blend of death metal that formed out of previous groups. I recently premiered a new track of theirs from the upcoming album Black Mass Wedding, but previously they had released a record titled Law Of The Burning. This was their first full length, and it’s truly a master work of art that does an incredible job at blending the two styles together without overdoing either of them.

Vocally, it’s very similar to Morbid Angel, particularly their slower tracks. A comparison like that is going to draw an atmosphere that displays tons of hatred through their compositions. “Vermin” is a great example, and the super deep rhythms placed behind the chorus here are absolutely bludgeoning. To add even more gas to the flames, the production and tuning on the percussion makes the drums sound very primal, which adds to the darkened tempos.

With a burning delivery like this, you can expect lots of evil vibes as well. The title track lays on these surroundings the heaviest, which is achieved through using devastating tones and a boatload of blast beats. The drumming and riff sequence in “I Am Pain” is also quite stellar, and the tapping guitar solo thrown onto the end of this finishes it off perfectly. What I love is how something so harsh and hellish sounds so poetic and concise.

Anybody who likes their death metal played at such a steady and devious pace is going to dig Law Of The Burning. Or, if you like your doom metal with growled vocals that are quite comprehensive, then this is also for you. It’s not too often I find music of this style so appealing, but I’ll be damned if they didn’t pull it off perfectly. So, if you’re prepared to take a walk into the torture chambers of Hell, then throw this disc on!

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