Review: BLOODY TIMES “Destructive Singles”

Review: BLOODY TIMES “Destructive Singles”

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BLOODY TIMES “Destructive Singles”

Germany is a very rich country. And I’m not talking only about this economic meaning. There’re no doubts about it of course, but there’re also no doubts that this is extremely rich in Metal bands. And number goes often together with quality in this case. Germany play very important role when it’s about history of Metal (other musical genres, too). Anyways, we can say exactly the same about the States.

BLOODY TIMES was born in head of Simon Pfundstein (vocals, bass, and guitars). The main goal of creating this project was to pay tribute to classic Heavy Metal. He started to write songs and record demos in 2016.  But practically as soon as he was done with these releases he felt that he should make another step. That’s why he decided to look for a drummer capable of giving the songs their full potential. He found Raphael Saini who already played and recorded with one of Simon’s favorite bands. After some time BLOODY TIMES became almost regular band quickly after releasing debut album. The fact is that Raphael doesn’t cooperate with it anymore, but John Greely (former singer of the same band where Raphael drummed) joined.

And here we have ‘Destructive Singles’ which contains two new single songs (one is both in version with and without vocal) + bonus demo track which you’ll find only on CD. Musically we have here with classic as hell Heavy Metal to do, of course. Riffs are heavy and melodic in the same time. Well, one of these three songs has more ballad character, but even there these heavier riffs dominate somehow. Anyhow, even if I found anywhere information about who drums on ‘Destructive Singles’ I still feel this isn’t drum machine what we’re able to hear. Anyhow, I guess it’s no sense to write more about this music. Reason is: we all know very well how sounds and what is about classic Heavy Metal.

What’s about voca? If you ever heard “Night of the Stormrider” then you’ll know what we have to do here with. Everything is well played and if I’d don’t know that BLOODY TIMES is a young (almost) band I’d probably think that this is some release from 80’s which I missed in some magic way. But since it sounds exactly like bands Simon’s parents listened to in their younger years… And this release is first of people for people who love such classic playing! I’m waiting for some new piece (hopefully longer) of music of BLOODY TIMES!

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