Review: Blooming Carrions “Sparkling Rotten Dreams”

Review: Blooming Carrions “Sparkling Rotten Dreams”

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Blooming Carrions “Sparkling Rotten Dreams”
Iron Bonehead Productions

If someone thinks that in in Finland all Metalheads adore northern frozen landscapes by creating more or less qualitied Black Metal then this person is in really huge mistake. The truth is that there were always existed strong Death Metal scene. Actually some Finnish bands are very important for history of this sub-genre of Metal. Other thing is that bands from there were always in shadow of Swedish ones and underestimated by many people. It doesn’t mean that DEMILICH or DEMIGOD create less interesting music than UNLEASHED or GRAVE.

Anyway, ‘Sparkling Rotten Dreams’ is the very first release of BLOOMING CARRIONS and in form which I love – tape. Demo contains six songs of old-school Death Metal. This is brutal as fuck of course, even if tempo isn’t very fast mostly. Well, frankly, this is middle or even quite slow one mostly. Riffs are rather easy and don’t change too often (but in the same time aren’t very monotonous as well!). Drumming is massive and intensive. We’re able to hear some passages, changes of tempo, tricks, but in general this is the same as in case of guitar quite minimalistic playing. Everything’s complete by deep, rather “splanchnic” and brutal growling.

Well, I somehow have connotations with rehearsal tapes old good Norwegian CADAVER – even if their music was always more variable, technical than what we get in case of BLOOMING CARRIONS. I think Finnish act is much rawest, in some sense promotive, darker. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that there play only one guy – EvM. He created BLOOMING CARRIONS in 2014, by the way.

On my taste it sounds a little like doing in least-effort way. On the other hand I don’t think so EvM just did it – especially that he, as I suppose, worked on it at least two years. I heard really a lot of stuffs like that in my life and can’t see anything fresh in that. But it’s not bad surely! I’ll probably don’t back to that like to for example “…In Pains”, but I’m happy that I got opportunity to hear this Finnish project.

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