Review: Cabal “Magno Interitus” [Nuclear Blast Records]

Review: Cabal “Magno Interitus” [Nuclear Blast Records]

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This is one blackened death/industrial/whatever metal with a punch. While it’s not always great, this album has a rather interesting sound, and an energy and a sense of anger and defiance, as well as a nice touch of dark humor.

The band makes sure of that with the first track, with its wonderfully macabre and insolent title of “If I Hang, Let Me Swing”, which can only be described as a heavy deathcore track with industrial sounds and some fierce vocals. The ferocious screaming and growling continues in the loud and angry “Insidious”, or the short and angry “Exit Wound” and “Violent Ends” and the simple, brutal and loud “Insatiable” and its high-pitched screams intro. “Blod Af Mit” is similarly heavy, but interrupts its loud riffs with occasional sinister sounds and distorted spoken word.

Indeed, the industrial sounds can be used for a gloomier atmosphere, like in a few parts of “Exsanguination” and “Plague Bringer” or the intro of the heavy and loud “Existence Ensnared” with its heavy riffs/breakdown and industrial noises in the outro. The symphonic metal keyboards and choirs that occasionally appear in “Like Vultures” play a similar role. Or the intro of “Magno Inheritus Master 44.1”. This one serves as a title track, but I guess they must mention it’s the 44th take. It has dark industrial sounds and some heavy riffs, with evil low-pitched growls. This one combines all elements found across the album, and it’s the most ambitious track.

This album has both good and bad on it. Its mixture of death metal, deathcore/slam breakdowns, black metal darkness and industrial sounds is pretty creative. But it doesn’t go far enough with the mixture of genres, as most of the tracks are just fairly simple death metal tracks. But it makes up for its occasional genericness by having some real energy and mean heaviness. Those songs kick ass, they are fast and heavy, with some ferocious screams and growls. It’s the kind of album that gets you pumped up. So as a whole, I didn’t love this album as much as I thought I would, but while it got a little boring in some places, its good moments were good enough. It’s not exactly perfect, but it’s still worth checking out.

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