Review: Cathartic Demise “In Absence”

Review: Cathartic Demise “In Absence”

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Ah!! Finally some thrash music to listen, moreover a non-European band which comes straight from lands of the maple syrup. Cathartic Demise hails from Kitchener, a town located between Detroit and Toronto (Ontario), best known as the city of the largest ice hockey equipement manufacturer BAUER. This impetuous and talented quartet rides fiery, swift and incisive music through their first LP “In Absence“.

But the first downside is perhaps there, a velocity combined with a confirmed technicality should not go counter of more accomplished compositions for a band which possibly aims to spread its music through the world. Several bands have broken their teeth before finding their own DNA and thus to leave their mark in the minds of headbangers of all kinds!

Then, if the country of the kangaroos gave us ACDC and the perfidious Albion Iron Maiden, Canada seems to be the place where musicians of a prodigious technicality give one self up to the musical gods in all styles (Unleash The Archers, Beyond Creation and many others which would also deserve to be mentioned). Cathartic Demise is no exception to this rule and, in another genre, shows us how deeply rooted this specific skill is.

However, the band must not choose the easy option, that will be the worst to do. Althought there are really good sound, orchestration, arrangements and quality production, where each instrument gives all its fullness, the tracks can sometimes present a lack of continuity while remaining powerful.

The second drawback might be there, everything has already been done in this style and unfortunately after several listenings, I don’t have much left in my head as songs to remember. What is missing in this album is a flagship track that surpasses all the others and should become an anthem for the fans.

Simple things are often the best, but this is my old headbanger point of view. Cathartic Demise has a bright future at the horizon, this little youthful problem should fade away with time and allow them to deliver us some excellent quality material. Everything is a question of proportions even in the music. The ingredients are there in the melting pot,  it is more a question of how and in what order to mix them together. Anyway, musical history recalls how clever people reach their goals.

The songs reflecting the potential of the band are in my opinion: “Desire” and “For Power“.

I take a bet on their success, so this band is worthy of attention.

Release date: April 9, 2021

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