Review: Chemical Exposure “Sick Mutant Society”

Review: Chemical Exposure “Sick Mutant Society”

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Chemical Exposure “Sick Mutant Society”
September 18th, 2016

Chemical Exposure is Thrash/Death metal band from Slavonski Brod, Croatia influenced by old school Tampa sound. Band was formed in the summer of 2013. Hrvoje Artuković (guitars, vocals), Robert Dokić-Doka and Goran Ivanković-Goca are the original and founding members.

In autumn 2015, Chemical Exposure had their first gig in Exit club, Osijek, as support of Amanita Virosa, Finnish Melodic Death Metal Band.

After numerous line-up changes, Hrvoje Artuković-Obrad (guitars, vocals), Robert Dokić-Doka (bass), Goran Ivanković-Goca (drums), Davor Šimunović-Šime (lead guitars) and Tomislav Debelić-Tomo (vocals) finally decided to enter the studio. The result is first full-lenght album “Sick Mutant Society”, officially released on September 18th, 2016. Album was recorded at Studio Armageddon, Osijek. Mix and master by Eldar Ibrahimović Piper. Cover art: Olgica Terzić Hellga. Short and effective album includes 8 songs:

  1. Inner Body Awareness
  2. Psychotic Distortion
  3. Exploitation
  4. Sick Mutant Society
  5. Choose To Be Free
  6. Dictatorship
  7. Toxic Mind Frame
  8. Industrial Desolation

From the first to the last song there is no break.

Obviously, guys are influenced by Slayer, Demolition Hammer, Warbringer

Balkan bands have always had inexhaustible inspiration in endless, absurd wars and its products. So, looking from that perspective, Chemical Exposure have endless source for creating music. Lyrics are strong, charged with rage, biterness, disappointment, hopelessness, sorrow. Maybe the best diagnosis of our society is held in the title song “Sick Mutant Society”:

“Glorifying, worshiping human stupidity
Common sense buried has no validity…
…Empathy is absent
These times are wild
Conciousness disturbed
Slaves of our own mind…”

Mostly, lyrics are severe criticism of the system. Besides, Chemical Exposure lyrics are enviromentally orientated. “Industry of Death” in the best way describes what guys think of the polluted air in their surrounding:

“Chemical fog block the skies,
Our skin craves for sunrise…”

In past two decades, Balkan metal bands were cursed and no matter how good they were, somehow it turned out having metal band is expensive hobby, nothing more.  Mentality is mostly primitive, people live in dark ages, they see everything black or white, no identity, hypocrisy, lack of education, banalization, indoctrination… Rock and Roll in global, and Metal as its evil son, are marginalized, Satanized. Unfortunatelly, bands have no appropriate support and no matter how some talented are, mostly they loose the will to play searching for bare existance.

I hope better times are coming for metal bands from ex Yugoslavia, and Chemical Exposure will survive in our sick society.

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