Review: Conveyor “An Incarnated Abstraction”

Review: Conveyor “An Incarnated Abstraction”

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Conveyor An Incarnated Abstraction
Art of the Night Productions

Among hundreds of standarized old school death metal albums that are released every month, this Polish duo under the name of Conveyor, attacks with a slightly different concept: raw and uncomplex techincal/experimental death metal played the old way, accompanied by surrealistic themes and a crazy cover artwork. Well, this is nothing new either… in my opinion it’s hard to call this “experimental” or “technical”, since they didn’t get too “unorthodox”…  But at least they tried to move one step aside from the same death metal formula used endless number of times, and that is a plus for me.

Their first and only album called An Incarnated Abstraction is a good piece of death metal that I found interesting and also entertaining. I don’t have any bands in mind to which I could compare it, but some parts reminded me of Death‘s Scream Bloody Gore and the general sound to “Finndeath” more than to anything else.

I will not go deeper into describing each song or aspect of the album, because as I said, this is not something innovative or ground breaking. So to make long story short: An Incarnated Abstraction is a decent death metal album with some interesting ideas, good musicianship, a couple of great riffs, pretty long songs and recurrent boring moments.

The production it’s raw and sounds as if it was recorded in one take from a live session, so it’s obvious that many things could have been improved. But as negative as this can be in 2018, this really sounds like an album recorded in the early 90’s. Feeling that we all enjoy… Putridity at its best!

Overall, Conveyor‘s An Incarnated Abstraction is a good debut album from a new band with clear potential. Is not brilliant, but it will surely satisfy easy-going and nostalgic death metal fans.

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Hugo Jmorbid
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