Review: CORPSESSED “Impetus Of Death” [Dark Descent Records]

Review: CORPSESSED “Impetus Of Death” [Dark Descent Records]

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It’s been 4 years since the last Corpsessed full length, Abysmal Thresholds. A band this good at their game are always leaving their fans wanting more and at last, here we have it. Impetus of Death is being released on 23rd November, only weeks away now and this Finnish band going to go down a bloody storm with fans of Death Metal. Let me explain…

There are so many creepy, looming passages in this album. At times it could be a horror movie soundtrack and at others it turns easily into head down banging Death Metal done just right. Add to that a mix of the right kind of Doom and perhaps I’m giving you a decent evaluation. Mind, it’s still heavily rooted traditionally but this album comes up with distinguished good constantly. That makes it special. I hope that Corpsessed are going to tour the UK?!

Nikko Matilainen’s Vocals (helped out no end by guitarist Matti Makela’s backing vocals) are absolutely outstanding and a key point on this album – they seem to be laced with gravel and the way he draws out each line is so haunting and just so in touch with the overall sound of Corpsessed. This is far and beyond the usual vocal style of Death Metal, there’s so much thought going into the composition of the vocals that I think they’d stand by themselves as an avant garde project.

Speaking of composition, I’m impressed. Jyri Lustig and Matti are on fire with the guitar riffs and the tone – and new addition to Corpsessed, Tuomas Kulmala can hold his own no doubt. Last but not least we have Jussi Pekka Manner on drums. He’s given chance to shine in some of the slower passages and comes up with some unique sounding fills. Truly a band that can gel together musically and come up with the goods.

I’ve got to mention the artwork, I don’t always but this time it’s worth mentioning. Mattias Frisk was the person chosen by Corpsessed to give visual life to Impetus of Death and a stellar job he’s done. Salvador Dali springs to mind immediately, I’m sure you’ll agree. So does Edvard Munch’s The Scream painting, see what I mean?  The album cover really captures the creepiness of the sounds within.

I will wholeheartedly recommend Impetus of Death. Please, for your own sake as a Death Metal fan – go to Bandcamp and pre-order it now. They’ve even been good enough to offer black or brown vinyl which is great if you’re a record collector! Do yourself a favour.

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